2013 Infiniti FX

Published May 16, 2013

The 2013 Infiniti FX is a great choice for people looking to purchase a sporty SUV which also has plenty of luxury features. When it comes to sheer performance, this SUV in particular tends to stay somewhere on top of the lineup of cars you can get for this price range. This is due to the powerful V8 engine, but not everything is focused on brutal engine performance – the car is actually set up very nicely when it comes to suspension as well, making this big SUV quite a joy to drive even on winding roads. The 2013 FX is highly focused on driver’s experience and tends to nurture the driving culture by allowing plenty of freedom when it comes to straight performance driving on track as well. This is nothing to be staggered about, as there are plenty of performance SUVs out there, like the X5 for an example, but with the FX, a significant accent towards luxury has been added.

The 2013 Infiniti FX is a true driver’s car

What makes a true driver’s car? Above all, this is indicated by the direct steering feel as well as plenty of feedback when it comes to the wheel itself. The 2013 Infiniti FX comes with two engines: a standard V6 as well as a high performance V8. The transmission is automatic and allows for seamless driving with extreme comfort over long distances, as well as performance shifting if you’re feeling like it. In addition to this, the suspension setup is designed to absorb all the bumps on the road but still offer plenty of rigidity and stability, reducing the amount of swinging you would experience with a regular SUV. The car is configured in a 4WD configuration, allowing for maximum traction and stability even in the worse of conditions.


Accessories and entertainment for the Infiniti FX

The 2013 Infiniti FX is packed with high technology and equipment when it comes to in-car entertainment. Bluetooth, iPod inputs as well as a satellite radio come as standard equipment here, but you can also get a DVD player which will be positioned in the center of the console. With all this in mind, the security of the passengers has also been upgraded from the previous models and you get side and curtain airbags with the basic model. If you decide to upgrade, you can get airbags installed in the rear seats as well, in order to provide maximum protection for your passengers. Premium leather seating, along with self-leveling headlights can be added for a nominal fee and represent a good balance when it comes to the overall price.


Added luxury

Being an Infiniti branded car, the 2013 Infiniti FX focuses on build quality and driving comfort. You can get heated seats in the front, 20 inch alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control, memory driver’s seat and a whole list of additional luxury items for your new vehicle. Make sure to check this out thoroughly, as you will definitely find something to like and want in your new FX.




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