2013 Jaguar XK Series

A Closer Looks At The New 2013 Jaguar XK

Updated October 21, 2018

Jaguar has never lagged behind its competitors. And often has been a half a length ahead regarding its version of sport coupes. The E-Type was perhaps jaguar’s pinnacle and most admired designs and for some time it seems they were amiss in recapturing that spirit while producing a luxury automobile with more of a comfortable and sensible mind. But it appears they’re wanting for that sport coupe again and are certainly heading in that direction with the XK Series.

2013 Jaguar XK 1

Like it’s competitor’s counterparts the Jaguar XK comes in a variety of performance trim. So it’s best to start at the top and mention the lesser versions as an after thought. Because really, when it comes to this level of car, to drive anything less than the optimized model is a waste of time and money. And that is evident when the Jaguar XKR-S is on the road put to practical use. Jaguar’s highly efficient 5.0 liter V8 supercharged engine has been exhaustively recalibrated for the new 2013 XKR-S. This officially makes it the most powerful Jaguar to ever roll of the production line. Its power output has been pushed to 550PS and the torque capable 680Nm. All that translates to the XKR-S having a top speed of 186mph with an acceleration rate of 0 to 60mph in just 4.2 seconds. For everyone else that’s a top speed of 300kph and a 0–100kph in 4.4 seconds. Which is fast no matter what language you speak. Jaguar’s Active Differential has been updated for the XKR-S to reduce steering sensitivity at high speeds which increases stability and driver control. Reworked settings alter slip thresholds, differential torque distribution and engine and brake intervention levels, which in the hands of an experienced driver can be pushed to maximize the cars optimal of performance and handling capabilities.

2013 Jaguar XK 2

And the 2013 Jaguar XKR-S is still a luxury touring vehicle in the end. So every imaginable piece of technology for driver comfort is available. This includes Satellite Navigation and Bluetooth connectivity and climate control which are accessible by means of a 7 inch touch screen. Also a Portable Audio Interface that provides control access of an iPod or any MP3 player and also USB mass-storage devices can also be accessed through the Touch-screen. And a variety of entertainment players can be connected to the car by means of a standard 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input port.

2013 Jaguar XK 3

Jaguar seems to have learned their lesson and actually listened to what their buying public wants. In an ever maturing and evolving marketplace and automaker either adapts or dies. And at if the 2013 Jaguar XK series is any indication, Jaguar isn’t exactly intending on making funeral arrangements any time in the near future. They’re moving away from they’re dowdy proper British ambience and image to something more in tune. The jaguar XK is no longer the car for the boring prude attempting to express their desire for some fun in their life. Not trendy though. Trendy tends to imply short lived as well, to be trendy is to be too specialized in the moment to have any vision for the future. Again the word Evolution seems to be appropriate. No matter what a person’s spiritual inclinations may be.



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