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2013 Kia Sportage

Published July 17, 2012

This is one affordable crossover. And not bad looking either. It’s like a pity date, or a rebound partner after a long and financially exhausting relationship. Or a compromise for the discerning individual who wants to look stylish but not have to pay for it. If Target or Marshals carried vehicles, the Kia Sportage would definitely be in stock. But all teasing aside the 2013 Kia Sportage holds a damn good value for the dollar.

As already established it’s a handsome vehicle. Not in a super model kind of way. It’s attractive more in an honest and approachable way. Which is refreshing considering many of its direct market competitors are as interesting as watching a dog lick its dangly parts. I’m looking at you Honda. And you too Mazda and Hyundai.

But the guts of it make the Sportage a likely candidate for those on the market for a value inclined crossover vehicle. Which is a relief for young suburbanite families who want to shed the image of their SUV driving, gas guzzling, earth destroying parents. Not that anybody’s judging.

Take a Sportage for a test drive and you’ll be fairly pleased with Kia’s 2.4 liter 4 cylinder, which manages to produce 176hp and is adequately paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. You’ll find the Sportage exhibits a typical feel associated with all Kia vehicles. The suspension is a bit on the stiff side when tackling over bumps. Which is a nice way of saying whatever is going on to wheels and suspension will make a direct impact to your spinal column and rock hard yoga sculpted ass. A driver can feel a little bullied by rougher road conditions while behind the wheel of a Sportage and will find they are challenged to pay close attention to their navigation. This is where Kia’s lack of maturity in their vehicle’s shows. But again the individual buying a Sportage is not planning wild off road trips. This is for an economically minded buyer who doesn’t want to be driving a minivan simply because they have to fill a need.

There is, as always, an optional Premium Package for the Sportage that Kia is not shy to stock with features. That list includes navigation display, rear view camera, heated seats, panoramic roof, smart key, and even a cooled driver’s seat. Yes that’s right I said cooled driver’s seat. It’s all that yoga. Makes that suburbanite ass hot. If you go ahead and option for the UVO Navigation system at $1000 in addition to the Premium Package’s $2900 plus the typical fees and you’re still looking at a spectacular ride with the reasonable price tag reading $28,600.

The interior is, meh, okay. Not too dowdy and not too sporty. But don’t look to close because the amount of hollow plastic inside might actually prick your earth wise conscience enough to pass on the Sportage. Until you see take a look at the price tag again to reassure yourself that some sacrifices must be made and compromise’s must be accepted. The 2013 Kia Sportage is a way of affordably driving to your kid’s game, have room for all their soccer or hockey gear and still look reasonably cool and sensible while you’re doing it.



Calvin Escobar
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