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Morgan 3 Wheeler

2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Updated September 19, 2012

If you are a car lover, you will surely fall in love with Morgan 3 Wheeler, though it is not technically a car. That is the twist of this special creation.  The appeal of this is simply irresistible.

It has three wheels, yes you read it correct, three wheels only and it is capable of doing wonders. It has entirely changed the concept of a car. Two cylinders, without doors, a curb weight of around 1200 pounds.  The placements of the wheels are bit puzzling but interesting.

Now, after knowing that the car has three wheels you might have thought that one wheel at front and two at the back. Hold on, the case is exactly the opposite.   Two wheels at the front and the other one is at the back.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Specification of 2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler

•              Starting Range: $45,000

•              Engine: 2.0Liters/80-hp/103 lb-ft DOHC 4valve V-twin

•              Vehicle outline: Front-engine, RWD, 2-pass, 0-door, roadster

•              Transmission: 5-velocity manual

•              Curb mass: 1200 lbs

•              Wheelbase: 94 inch

•              EPA city/hwy fuel econ: N/A

•              Carbon-di-Oxide emissions: N/A

Though coming back to the practical life, it is basically useless. Yes, ‘useless’ is a heartbreaker here but that is the fact. For regular use still the four-wheelers are the best. They can move to any corner very easily but for these 3 wheelers it is very difficult, almost impossible.

A ride on the 2013 Morgan 3 wheeler will be a memorable, pleasing and exciting experience. Not only for but also for those who are watching you.

To get into the driver’s seat you need to know a bit of gymnastics.

If the 3 wheeler has been running, take care not to burn your calf on the hot exhaust pipes that run along the sides of the car. If you keep away from that, the gear lever waits to ambush your pant leg.

The frame is tubular steel, and the bodywork is aluminum sheet. The device sits in striking aircraft-designed modular weatherproof housings. The column stalk and the switches are milled aluminum. Therefore, nothing looked borrowed or even out from the place.

Under that beetle-backed sheet metal, the rear wheel is balanced on a bike-kind swing arm, and wears an automotive 175/55, 16-inch tire. In Naked eye, the front suspension is a two times wishbone which is setup and tightly fitted with 19-inches tires only 3.5 inches wide.

This 2013 Morgan 3 wheeler is a creation by the Morgan Motor Company, the largest car making company in the UK, who went back in the Edwardian era to reinvent this car. This is inspired by their earliest product lines.  Its top speed comes in blazing at just over 115 MPH.

Morgan Motor Company

So, is this a world-shattering car? Well, only time will tell that. For now it is an amazing mode of transport. Therefore, it can be considered as a great recreation, satisfactory and probably the fastest mode of transport.



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