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2013 Nissan Quest, 2013 Quest, 2013 Nissan

2013 Nissan Quest – What Did they Do??

Published October 9, 2012

2013 Nissan Quest, 2013 Quest, 2013 Nissan

Those of you who love your minivans will be understandably disappointed with the 2013 Nissan Quest. Where most car manufacturers seek to improve vehicles and make them better for the audiences that they cater to, Nissan has taken a step backward. In an era where car buyers are looking for the best for the lower price, it kind of makes you scratch your head. Let’s take a close up look at what exactly they did and why the 2013 Nissan Quest is not likely to be the contender it was.

Less Room Inside

Why do we buy minivans? Because we have an endless slew of kids that we need to transport back and forth to soccer practice and gymnastics classes. This room is definitely invaluable, so what does Nissan do? They decreased the interior space in the 2013 Nissan Quest making it smaller. Well, okay, so we fit one less kid, big deal. But it is a big deal. Its competitors – namely the Chrysler minivans – aren’t making their vehicles smaller, and guess what; the prices are not that different. Strike one, Nissan.

Looking to Remove Seats? Think Again.

Okay, so you lose a little bit of space, surely you can just remove the ones that are in there for more cargo room when needed, right? Wrong – and to make matters worse, the seats no longer fold into the floor. I mean, the 2013 Nissan Quest is a minivan – we need space and versatility! Even worse, they have made the slidding doors on either side narrow – good luck trying to wrangle a screaming 3 year old toddler into the back – Strike 2.

Improved Performance

All is not lost, though, the 2013 Nissan Quest is fitted with a new drivetrain and a 3.5L V6 engine that boasts 260 horsepower. The end result is improved performance, but in all honesty, do you buy your minivans for performance? Sigh.

Looking for Extras? Don’t Bother.

Nissan Quest Interior, 2013 Nissan Quest, 2013 Quest InteriorAs with any new vehicle, we all look for the add-ons, how can we make our cars more technologically advanced? With a minivan, the one thing that most people look for is the infotainment centers – the equipment that is going to keep your children entertained while you are on a long drive – or heck, even on the way to the supermarket if your kids are particularly unruly. Hmm…won’t find much in the way of that with the 2013 Nissan Quest.

Safety is Meh.

What perplexes me the most is the fact that the 2013 Nissan Quest has blah safety ratings. I mean they barely come out acceptable for roof crushing. Not that you expect to roll a minivan, but come on – a vehicle that is designed to transport kids and several passengers and safety is barely a thought? Strike 3.

Amazingly Nissan believes that removing valuable space, making the seats stationery and not offering the typical extras is a winning formula. I say – Three strikes, you’re out. There are many other minivans on the market within the same price range that will allow you to get the features and the space you crave. Why settle for less – and I mean, really a lot less – when there are so many options.

If Nissan keeps going this way, they are going to lose a valuable segment of the population – the soccer moms – and that matters.



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