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The 2013 Pagani Huayra, A Thing Of Sheer Beauty.

Updated June 13, 2018

 Today we are going to talk about a car that is more than a car. It’s a work of art, but of course many of have heard that about plenty of other cars, but with this one, the term truly fits it. If you still are in the middle of a brain fart trying to figure out what car I am referring to, then let me help you pass that gas. Today on Gearheads we will be discussing the car that is the Pagani Huayra.

 Benjamin Franklin once said, “To find out a woman’s faults, praise her to her friends.” Well, if you were to apply that line of thinking autowise.comto cars, and their counterparts, you would soon find out that everyone else who either doesn’t look like a Huayra, and or even sounds like a Huayra, would be jealous of the Huayra. In all reality, to just say the name Huayra invokes an air of elegance within yourself. You feel better than royalty when you say the name, but imagine when you get the opportunity to sit in one. The interior of the Huayra is like nothing else that has ever been made. The materials that this vehicle is comprised of is the “Best of the Best”. There’s really no other way to describe it. I mean, between the Chrome Finished accents, some of the softest leather known to man, all the way down to the Carbon-Titanium substructures that surround you, this car is sheer perfection. And yes I said Carbon-Titanium!! The Huayra costs about the same as a Bugatti Veyron, well actually a little less, but for that money you’re getting a car that’s so much lighter, and so much more agile, and in all reality, built in a way that’s nothing less than pure perfection.

 If you’re a true car guy, you would already know about how the GTR, and the McLaren P1 are built in Hermetically Sealed factories that don’t allow for dust or dirt to wander about the place, and screw up what has been scientifically perfected by a machine attached to a computer. Now with Pagani, take that same premise, and downsize it to like 80, and then you would have the round about number of people who “Hand Build” each Huayra everyday that they work there. It’s kind of like building an Ariel Atom, but on a much larger budget. It’s something to behold to realize that there is a man who uses a Flathead Screwdriver to tighten things down on a million dollar car. To continue gushing over the Huayra, we would need to move to the power plant. Pagani to the liberty to use German engineering for the heart of the Huayra, and that my friends was provided by none other than AMG. Now, we know that AMG is to Mercedes, as what Roush is to Ford, and the engine that was placed into this car is a 700Hp, twin turbo charged, all Aluminum 6.0L, V12 behemoth. In conjunction with this massive motor is a robotized, (???) transversely mounted, 7 speed sequential gearbox that can assist the Huayra to a top speed of 230mph. But cf course these are numbers that all to familiar, and have been repeated time, and time again with the newest, and or the baddest sports exotics to roam the streets today. However, none of those cars make it look so good. I mean there are cars like the La Ferrari, and the P1, or even the Veneno Roadster that have a certain flair about them, but the Huayra is simply exquisite in it’s form.

 The body lines of the Huayra are similar to what you may find in a designer’s rendering of a futuristic vehicle. Or if you close you autowise.comeyes for a moment, and imagine the similarities that rolling grass covered hills share with the Huayra’s rounded wheel arches. It’s low stance challenge the eyes to look away long enough so that you don’t suffer from an overload of subtle features, and nuances that are tucked away from plain sight. Amazingly under all of that metallic skin lies hoards of technological features such computerized, and individually controlled wind spoilers that completely keep you planted to the ground in all of life’s driving situations. On the outside of those spoilers lies the beady little Zonda like headlights that illuminate the future, so that conquering it, is less of challenge than picking which fruit smoothie you were going to have for breakfast. Wheels and tyres…….. just bad ass. There will never be a real need to change them, maybe paint them in a Matte Black finish to see what they look like, but other than that, awesome. Lastly, the one thing that makes an exotic, and exotic, is the exhaust note. Think of when you watch Formula One racing, and then mix in some raspy notes from Australian Supercar Racing, and then sprinkle in a dash of Zonda, and you have a symphony that causes Cargasms every time you hit 3rd gear.


 Here’s what folks, the 2013 Pagani Huayra is a car like no other. It’s not like a Veyron that came from the VW Group, and set speed records, and then simply faded to the background quicker than Milli Vanilli’s career. Nor is it like the GTR that always seems to be in the lime light, and is more popular than Lindsay Lohan’s latest mugshots. The Huayra is a car that portrays a life that is full of pleasure, and enrichment, all the while maintaining a life style that’s only known to a few people. If you hadn’t noticed, the Huayra hasn’t been a part of the “Hypercar” hype, nor has it been pitted against numerous cars, to see where it stands in a manly driving competition. The Huayra sits, and admires life that flows effortlessly around it, and then from time to time, it joins in seamlessly, to do nothing more than blend in.

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