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Updated October 24, 2018

Ever since 2010, Peugeot has yielded quite a success in the general vehicle market. The 207 and the 407 have been promoted to cars of the years a couple of times, mostly focusing on the engine that is used. However, something has definitely changed at Peugeot, since it has introduced German-like quality, especially in the interior; while managing to retain an affordable price tag. The 2013 Peugeot models like the 208, 301 as well as 4008 proceed to innovate and attract new buyers. The new models, like the 4008 and 301 are intended to attack a genuinely very busy segment of the market – the crossover SUV as well as mid-sized sedan. However, it’s important to make note of the new Peugeot’s quality standards, since this is in reality what makes this car brand so desirable.

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New 2013 Peugeot models

Proceeding with the newfound quality standards, the 2013 Peugeot models are going to focus on providing high quality interior, innovative exterior design, as well as affordable and reliable engines. These are all very generic and wide segments, meaning that it’s genuinely hard to put a focus on so much segments of a car, but it’s actually a necessity for a success in a busy market such as the automotive industry. Another important aspect of this is that Peugeot manages to provide a whole variety of different concepts and vehicles, covering almost all segments of the market. However, it seems that Peugeot is mostly known for its compact family hatchbacks, as well as the 208 which is on its way to becoming the highest selling compact car Peugeot has ever manufactured. On the other hand, luxurious models are manufactured on an entirely different level, satisfying all requirements one might have for such a vehicle, especially when it comes to comfortable ride as well as luxurious design.

2013 Peugeot engines

The HDi series of engines has proven itself through a wide array of engines, and is particularly effective when it comes to power/fuel efficiency ratio. The 2013 Peugeot engines will continue the development, meaning that all end users will receive even more efficiency, possibly breaking the limit in CO2 emissions as well. Since there are new ecology standards being implemented almost yearly, this comes as great news for everyone. Still, it’s important to keep the performance of the engines up at a certain level, which Peugeot has easily done over the last couple of years.

Demos of 2013 Peugeot models

If you take a look on YouTube, you will find many videos of 2013 Peugeot models in preview states, driving on closed circuit roads. These are all testing phases and you might have noticed an awkward shape of the vehicle. Don’t worry; this is just to protect it from taking premature pictures of the vehicles that still aren’t presented to the general market. Closely after these testing sessions are finished, the cars are prepared for a global release, of course, if everything is tested and passed. Otherwise, there might be some design changes before this can happen.



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