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2013 Porsche Panamera

Published July 17, 2012

There’s fun, and then there’s Porsche. Porsche is one smart automaker. Not just because they have consistently made an absolutely fine car that we all seem to admire and appreciate. It’s Porsche’s ability to have hardly strayed at all from their original classic design theory. No matter the year or the model Porsche is so easily recognizable.  There is always a family resemblance. But Porsche’s great genius also lies in their patience and their dedication in doing one car and doing it superbly well. The fact that for after eighty-one years in the auto making industry they only offer a handful of vehicles sets them apart from every production automaker. You have the classic Porsche coupe sports car that comes in a variety of trim, the Cayenne that was introduced only ten years ago and now their new addition to the family, the sports sedan the Panamera.

Porsche’s Panamera comes in eight trim models. This ranges from the so called base model, because there is nothing base about it, to the Turbo S model. These run a price range from just under $76,000 to $175,000. That is admittedly quite the price range for a car but not when you take into consideration the models. For starters the difference in performance arcs from 300hp to 550hp. These cars are respectively clocking tracks times from 160mph to 190mph. So right away one understands that the Panamera can be anything from a serious sports sedan to a track worthy supercar. And, just for fits and giggles, and to show the world they care, the 2013 Porsche Panamera is also available in a hybrid model. It’s producing 380hp and clocks a top track speed of 167mph. It’s definitely not your average hybrid sedan.

There are those out there who love a high performance vehicle but don’t necessarily want it in a coupe version. And it can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s for business and impressing clients on the way to the golf course. Perhaps it’s for the wealthy family who requires the practicality of the roominess and a little extra cargo space that only a sedan can provide. Then again there are some who just plain prefer the look and feel of a luxury sports sedan. And leave it to Porsche to take that idea and provide something so remarkable.

Its enough to make a person smile, just thinking about how far ahead in the trend curve Porsche was by introducing the Cayenne back in 2001. The Cayenne was Porsche’s first true leap from their traditional sport coupes since they began production in 1931. That’s seventy years in case you’re bad with math. Seventy years of perfecting one little car. The Cayenne was a crossover before the word crossover was even being uttered in the auto industry. And what better form of crossover can be imagined than the classic Porsche sport car combined with the ideals of the common SUV. All downsized into one tight little package.

It has to make everyone wonder what exactly Porsche is dreaming up next. Or what possible evolutionary concepts are being nurtured in the depths of Porsche’s development headquarters. In the meanwhile the lucky few that can afford the likes of the 2013 Porsche Panamera get to live the dream.



Calvin Escobar
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