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Updated October 21, 2018

There’s a 23 year old designer, inventor and entrepreneur from Croatia named Mate Rimac. He comes from money, which is always handy for an inventor of fabulous things. It makes their dreams and fantasies become a reality before their eyes. And in the case of young Mate Rimac that dream is known as the Concept One. Rimac’s goal was to come to play on the same field as the automakers he’s known and loved his whole life. Supercar producers such as Pagani, Koenigsegg and Bugatti. But Mate Rimac wanted to reach for something even higher. He says his dream isn’t to build the best electric car in the world, it is to build simply the best supercar in the world. And so he did, and his creation, the Concept One, is now referred to as a hypercar.

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The term hypercar is used because it is. It’s outrageous. The Concept One is capable of 1088hp. Yeah that’s right, 1088. And torque capability is 2803lb/ft. Stop rubbing your eyes, you read that right. There are no forgotten decimals here. With a top speed regulated to 190mph and a projected 0-60mph in less than 3 skeletal crushing seconds it seems that the Concept One will certainly be keeping up with its competitors. The Concept One has a carbon-fiber body dressing an aluminum frame and the total weight is said to be 3,630 pounds.

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All this power is made possible by four 12,000rpm independent electric motor drive units. Combined they produce a total of 800 kilowatts. The front and rear systems are separate and each has two high-speed, liquid-cooled permanent magnet electric motors, two liquid-cooled inverter units and two reduction gearboxes integrated together. Rimac is claiming the car has a range of 366 miles on one charge.

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Now all those impressive statistics aside remains a great deal to be seen with this car. For starters it’s an elite car so the price is just under one million dollars. That’s damn high but apparently there are buyers from oil rich Dubai lining up for their Concept One and dropping deposits on Rimac Automobili. The innovative ideas don’t stop coming though. Service on the vehicle is going to be simple. A customer will simply jack their Concept One to the internet and have a diagnostic run. Any software issue will be debugged and short of that they will flash the car. Mechanical issues are projected to be minimal as there are so few moving parts and regular upkeep such as oil changes won’t be required. But according to Murphy’s Law if something can breakdown it will. In that case Rimac is prepared to send a representative to fix the problem or replace the part. And since the heaviest component to the Concept One is only 200lbs it’s not much of a concern.

Rimac isn’t just some spoiled startup automaker. He’s worked hard to develop the technology and software he has. It began on a BMW he converted to electric running 600hp. But the car components were incapable of handling the power, which meant as they broke Rimac and his team designed, developed and manufactured new parts. Ultimately redesigning the entire car as they went along.

And The Rimac Concept One Price?

In 2013 the Rimac Concept One will be available with a limited production run of 88. The plan according to Mate Rimac is that every new run of the vehicle will half the price tag cost, so that ideally by 2020 Rimac Automobili will be selling these hypercars at roughly a quarter million dollars. So no, your average Joe still won’t be driving one around, but you can bet that the technology being developed by Rimac will be powering your future cars.



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