2013 Scion XB

2013 Scion XB Brings New Features to the Table

Published April 3, 2013

The original xB has surprised the market as it featured a completely blocky look which was really appealing and original, as simple as it was. However, as industry advances forward, some things need to change accordingly, so the new xB is not as boxy as it used to be. Now it’s a bit rounded around the edges, which does actually give the car a pretty decent original look to it. This is a car which you either love or hate, but if anything, it’s a very practical car with plenty of room and cupboards which you can use. However, the original models were kind of weak with the engine so the newest model brings plenty of new engines for buyers to choose from. With that said, we can move on to some other features which are presented in the new xB.

2013 Scion XB

Mechanical specifications

The 2013 Scion XB comes with a single, 2.4L 158 horsepower engine which is designed in a straight four cylinder fashion. It also features some of the exclusive Toyota technologies, such as the VVT, which is a variable valve timing controller, allowing the car to have flexibility around fuel consumption or high performance driving. It also comes with TDI, which is another technology coming from Toyota, which helps the engine to ignite more easily and smoothly. Suspension has been upgraded from the last year’s model and this time we have the MacPherson strut on the front and a torsion beam on the rear. This combination is known to be reliable and safe as well as easy to service and maintain which is definitely a nice option.

Exterior of the xB

Scion XB is not a small car – it’s about 170 inches in length, 70 inches in width and 60 inches in height. It also has plenty of ground clearance, coming in at 5 inches, which makes it really easy to get on and off of curbs. Tires have been increased in diameter as well and this time you can opt for either 15 or 16 inch rims with 205 tires. Design cues for the new xB include much smoother edges, but the overall appearance is quite similar and it would be hard to mistake this car to any other, as it’s still quite recognizable. Big air ducts ensure that the engine gets all the cold air it needs to cool, which makes sure that the car will stay reliable even in the hottest of days.


Interior of the xB

In the interior, the xB keeps up with the originality. Simple but innovative design lines are used here as well, which makes it really easy to read information off the dials which are positioned in the center of the dashboard, right under the windshield. A/C controls as well as radio controls are within reach of your hand and there are also controls on the steering wheel which you can opt for. This makes Scion xB a car which is really easy to use at all times since everything is clearly laid out in front of you so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the controls you’re looking for.




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