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2013 SEAT Leon FR TDI

Published July 25, 2012

SEAT. It’s a funny name for a car company. Until you realize they’re Spanish and that it’s an acronym for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo. That means Spansih Touring Car Company. Still pretty silly really but they’re Spanish and they can’t help themselves. They have a number of cars, all economically minded and designed for those small but quaint streets of Europe. And one of SEAT’s most interesting cars I the little firecracker they call the Leon.

We’ll get aesthetics out of the way and admit that the Leon looks exciting and adorable all at once. There are ‘hidden’ rear doors with handles located in the C-pillars which creates the illusion of the sport coupe and looks quite a bit more attractive that other five door competitors such as the Golf. The 2013 Leon’s overall appearance has been bolstered by the addition of a gaping front grille, wing mirrors and twin exhausts. SEAT finishes the Leon with it’s trademark yellow which only serves to amplify the huge personality this little car has.

The interior leaves quite a bit to be desired. It’s nowhere near as sporty as the exterior would lead you to believe and leaves you with a cheap sense to an otherwise well built car. The new model Leon has a 2 liter with 168hp, which is not so bad for a tiny little car. The stopping power is impressive and the suspension is very sports oriented, which means a stiffer ride. The Leon’s got sufficient lateral grip for cornering but it does tend to have a roll to it, taking away from its aggressiveness and adjustable response. But you’ll get a good 50mpg out of the Leon and plenty of fun all things considered. Word is you might not bother splurging for the satellite navigation option though, unless you enjoy ripping things out of the dash of your new car and throwing them out the window under the tires of an eighteen wheeler.

Regardless, for the money its hard to find a car that will treat you better and go more easy on your wallet than the 2013 SEAT Lean FR TDI. For many, size does matter. Sometimes smaller actually can be better.



Calvin Escobar
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