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2013 Toyota FT-86 Coupe

Published July 19, 2012

When Toyota revealed their concept FT-86 Coupe in the 2009 Motor Show, only a few eyes could keep it unnoticed. Since then followed a hoard of speculations and expectations over what the reality of what Toyota’s version of this sports car would be. After 2 years went by, the concept got painted into reality with the 2013 Toyota FT 86.

Named as the FT-86 to pay homage to both the prestigious Toyota’s FT car lineage as well as the superb driving experience offered by the Corolla AE86, the Toyota FT-86 is all set to be the next star in the wide range of vehicles from the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

The Toyota FT-86 features an absolutely stunning exterior. It is one that displays both the encroaching look of a sports car as well as the class of a sedan. The design hasn’t changed by much from the concept displayed in 2009, and this has come out as a total boon for the FT-86. With headlights that look very much like the eyes of an angry monster to a perfectly aerodynamic arrangement, there is little one can find to be faulty in the FT-86’s designing.

The interior doesn’t lag the exteriors in the beauty pageant in any way. In fact, with an interior as sport and supreme as its exterior, the 2013 Toyota FT-86 is a complete eye-candy in and out. A GPS navigation system is integral to the designing, featuring as a panel over the radial controls next to the six-speed gearbox on offer.

The FT-86 carries a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine capable of generating 200 HP at 7000 rpm. This comes as a black spot on the white wall as it definitely lesser than what many fans were expecting from the sports car on offer to them. Nonetheless, the FT-86 offers accurate shifts using its well-tuned gearbox. A nearly perfect weight division of 53:47 helps the cause for the Toyota FT-86 when it comes to handling.

A price tag of about 25000$ is estimated from the FT-86. It is a pretty justified bargain for the superb looking new coupe from Toyota with not so out-of-the-box outrageous power.

To Sum it up, the Toyota FT-86 is definitely a luxury sports car that has nearly perfect killer looks and still a decent amount of power with it at a price tag that will fit many pockets willing to get hold of a refreshing new vehicle.




Calvin Escobar
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