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2013 Toyota iQ EV, How Much for How Little?

Updated June 13, 2018

Scion iQ EVFive days ahead of the official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show, starting September 29, Toyota announced its plan to release an electric version of the iQ. It will be released in limited quantities, and probably won’t top 100 cars, all going to fleets. Full-scale production hasn’t been announced, but could be an interesting proposition for city commuters considering a mini-car of the electrified variety.

The 2013 Toyota iQ EV is longer and heavier than its gasoline-powered sister, and is powered by a combination of a 12 kWh battery pack and a 47 kW motor. With a range of just over 60 miles per charge, this may cause some to balk, but considering that the average driver in the US does about 30 miles per day, this really isn’t a concern. For city commuters and couriers, 60 miles of range could easily last a whole day. Another advantage of this EV model is its reduced-size, and therefore, reduced-weight, battery pack. At only 12 kWh, the pack can be fully charged on an LII [230V] system in less than 3 hours, and can get an 80% charge on an LIII [480V] charger.

Mini, FIAT, smart, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and others are all producing mini-cars of various styles, trim levels, and fuel-economy-ratings, and all of them have something different to offer their drivers. With all these mini-cars coming to market, it might be easy to point and say that Toyota is trying to work the competition. While legendary Toyota quality and technology is, of course, to be expected, at $45,000, the 2013 Toyota iQ EV is exceptionally pricey for its segment, and might be a bit further out than those considering an EV, or a mini-car, might be willing to go.



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