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2013 toyota sienna, 2013 sienna, toyota sienna 2013

2013 Toyota Sienna: A Good Choice for the Minivan Lover

Published September 19, 2012

2013 toyota sienna, 2013 sienna, toyota sienna 2013

Like Toyota vehicles, but can’t decide which one to get? The 2013 Sienna is a mixture of several models wrapped up into one. Looking directly at it – you get the sense you’ve seen this minivan elsewhere. Look at the Venza in the parking lot next to it and it clicks – both bodies are styled very similar. Look at it even closer and you will see that the headlights are very similar to the wrap around headlights of the Camry. Nevertheless, the 2013 Toyota Sienna is able to hold its own and is commonly referred to as “…the bestselling minivan in America.”

The 2013 Toyota Sienna is available in five model trims: base, SE, LE, XLE and the Limited model. Each model comes with optional add-ons – a sunroof, moon roof, lift gate and sliding doors are all available on most models. If you are looking for a sport-tuned version (does one even really exist?) you will see that the SE boasts a firmer suspension as well as 19” wheels and a racier exterior – because you will be racing in a minivan, right?

Moving on…

Under the Hood

Past Sienna models offered a choice between two transmissions – a 2.7L 4-Cylinder and a 3.5L V6. For the 2013 Toyota Sienna, the 2.7L engine has been dropped, probably due to its inability to match the V6. When you’re transporting seven or eight people around, you want the power behind the engine. With the 3.5L, you will get 266 HP and an estimated 18/25 mpg.

Looking Inside

Like most minivans, crossovers and SUVs today, the 2013 Toyota Sienna boasts 3 rows of seating, with the third row collapsing for additional cargo space. An optional center seat for the second row can be removed and stored behind the nook of the third row. All in all, the Sienna can hold up to 8 passengers. If its cargo space you need, remove the second row seats and fold in the third row seats and you will end up with approximately 126 cubic feet of space.

toyota sienna, 2013 sienna interior

Many options are available for the 2013 Toyota Sienna as well, including heated seats, a rear entertainment system – with two flip down screens, nonetheless – a dual moon roof option and of course, a navigational system so you don’t get lost from your house to the supermarket.

Safety Features

Like most other cars on the market, the 2013 Toyota Sienna offers the standard safety package complete with several air bags and anti-lock brakes. A rear backup camera is optional. The Limited model offers more in terms of safety as the cruise control system also contains Toyota’s preventative collision system that will tighten seat belts as well as alert the driver to the possibility of a car decelerating at a rapid rate ahead. The XLE and Limited models of the 2013 Toyota Sienna offer a blind spot warning system for those difficult to see spots.

Overall, the 2013 Toyota Sienna offers many benefits to the driver. If you’re in the market for one of the last standing minivans, the Sienna will likely meet your needs. With all of the available add-ons, you will be able to customize the vehicle to your needs.



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