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2013 Volkswagen Amarok

Updated July 29, 2012

The name Volkswagen doesn’t exactly invoke the image of big powerful pickups trucks. In fact most of us here in North America had no idea there could even be such a thing. But there is, and it’s rumored that it may be hitting our shores in the next year or two. And it turns out the Amarok isn’t such a bad truck. This is the first pickup truck to be designed and engineered in Europe.

It’s a handsome truck. Volkswagen has taken their typical design styling’s and made them aggressive enough in appearance to be worthy of a truck. As of now the only model available is a big extended cab five seater. Under the hood is a diesel 2.0 liter TDI twin turbo 4 cylinder. Its managing 177hp creating 295lb/ft of torque. And as a hardworking workhorse truck maintaining 36mpg it certainly makes an appealing purchase for anyone in need of a pickup. This truck is all about space both in the double cab and the payload box with a load space capable of carrying a ton. Delivering the power to the wheels is an automatic eight speed transmission controlled by 4Motion. 4Motion is engineered to switch traction from rear to all-wheel drive and does so seamlessly at the push of a button.

Pickup trucks are never designed to be the most sophisticated vehicle on the road. But it seems that Volkswagen is trying to change that, following in the footsteps of its Japanese competitors. The 2013 Volkswagen Amarok excels in off road conditions, making the best of its narrow powerband and torque. It doesn’t seem to matter if conditions are dry as sand or wet as bog this truck wants to work. Expect this Amarok to be a staple truck in any hard working element.

For now the Amarok is not making the leap across the pond to America or Canada. Which is a bit of a surprise considering the quality of the truck. Then again it’s hard to imagine rednecks joyriding in the back of a Volkswagen Amarok with a bottle of Jack Daniels in their hand while flying a Union Jack in the other. But then again Toyota and Honda have both managed to break the North American market and even find their way into hard working situations such as construction sites and farms. Maybe Volkswagen is waiting to introduce an even bigger and more powerful version of the Amarok before introducing it to the North American market. Either way, you can be sure that if it does get here it will certainly make a mark in its class.



Calvin Escobar
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