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2013 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

Published July 12, 2012

Yet another car you can’t have. Which is really too bad considering it was once available here in North America. Years ago my cousin bought an early 80’s model Scirocco. He managed to get his hands on the 128hp engine available from a later 1986 model that had been wrecked. That car was more fun and exciting to drive than anything I ever had the pleasure to get behind the wheel of. But since then Volkswagen has turned its back on us. Given us the cold shoulder. The 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco is available most everywhere except North America. The condescending pricks will tell us it’s basically a Golf GTI just with different more streamline styling. And that the significantly lower profile of the Scirocco has no impact on the handling capabilities or the overall coolness of the car. They would have us believe none of these things is really much of a factor to make us insanely jealous that it’s not available to us here in North America. Well they are totally lying their faces off.

Yes we can go out and buy a Volkswagen GTI but what we don’t get is the 168hp 2.0  liter TDI. And that blows dirty monkey parts. Especially when the Scirocco is pulling 258 lb-ft of torque at over 124mph. All that with minimal road noise and a very confident feel. Unfortunately the car is electronically limited to 220kph, which roughly translates to 137mph. But I’m sure with the right knowledge that could easily if not irresponsibly be changed. (wink wink) The overall sensation and experience of the 2013 Scirocco GTS projects an impression that it is by far more of a sports car that any lowered GTI could possibly hope to be.

That and it just looks so much hotter than the GTI as well. It’s more sloped and aerodynamic and its wide stance makes it appear confident on the road. Available are two broad stripes that run centrally down the entire length of the car, from the front of the hood, over the roof and spoiler right down to the bottom of the tailgate. With a modern twist those broad stripes are complimented by another thinner stripe. Exclusive interior of black leather with red contrasting stitching is sure to please and will age with grace.

The 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS is one aggressive looking little car. There’s nothing wrong with little, at least when it comes to cars. In the case of the Scirocco it’s a definite performance advantage that can be loads of fun. They’re light and agile, plus more economical and easier to maneuver and park in crowded cities. And that may be something us North Americans need to take into consideration because maybe, just maybe cars like the Scirocco GTS will find their way to our roads. Unless this is some kind of residual petulant resentment from the Germans for losing World War II. If so, come on guys. Let it go. It was almost 70 years ago. We won you lost. Let’s all move on.



Calvin Escobar
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