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2013 Volvo XC Series

Published July 19, 2012

If Volvo doesn’t sit up to the table they may miss dinner altogether. I’m not sure what it is about Volvo, why they always seem to be lagging behind everyone else. It’s like they believe their own hype. They’re flattered by their own press so much they fail to remember an automaker is only as good as its most recent car. They rode the whole ‘Volvo is the safest car on the road’ all through the 1990’s and for the better part of the next decade as well. They made a few basic refreshments to the aesthetics by smoothing their design out enough to keep it from looking outdated. But still, it’s boring as hell. Safe and boring. By safe I’m not referring to its standard safety features. It’s one thing that an automaker is consistent and reliable and another that it is boring and predictable. It can be argued that for sure there is no shortage of safe boring people in the world who will line up for a Volvo for the very fact that it is a safe boring and reliable vehicle. However there is a chance that even those people may grow tired of Volvo’s antiquated approach to design and execution. Besides, what automaker in their right mind wouldn’t want to expand their sales demographic?

Several of Volvo’s models are now struggling to keep up with competitors because of this failure to have any vision. The XC series is certainly one of them. It’s a decent SUV. It has size and comfort and a mostly effortless drive. The auto close rear hatch seems to be a greatly appreciated feature for that parent with their hands full while managing their little hellions in a busy parking lot. Drivers feel calm and relaxed at the wheel, some give credit to the neutral safe color scheme. There’re those words again. The bank control is designed like a child’s autonomy learning book. It’s extremely simple and intuitive and almost cartoon like. But for those who need things spelled out for them the 2013 Volvo XC series is the SUV for them. It implements the Nanny Technology such as pre-emptive braking technology controlled by frickin’ laser beams. So if the driver isn’t paying attention or is distracted by their children or has fallen asleep because of the overwhelmingly boring driving experience of a Volvo the vehicle not only automatically slows but will come to a complete stop. There is loads of room for both passengers and cargo. The XC60 model is available with the most horsepower and is in all probability the most popular of the XC models. The XC70 is even bigger and looks like an awkward and overgrown wagon. The XC90 offers the greatest size but it seems a little underpowered with only a 240hp 3.2 liter engine

There are the Volvo faithful who will buy a car from the 2013 Volvo XC series for all the reasons that make this SUV a mostly mundane and run of the mill vehicle. Volvo seems to embrace the turtle aphorism that slow and steady and can win the race. And it very well can. But the fact is that the turtle more often loses the race and is turned into soup.



Calvin Escobar
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