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2014 Audi R8

Updated July 13, 2012

If your big problem is trying to decide what high end luxury sports supercar you should buy all I can say is I wish I had your problem. And if I had that kind of expendable income I would certainly be taking the 2014 Audi R8 into consideration. Audi is fine tuning this production supercar even more. There is a new approach to the body design making it even sleeker and menacing than ever. Jaw dropping lines all around and all changes look perfectly evolutionary from the present model. The side blades have been excluded and the front end drawn down with the nose closer to the ground, the headlights widened and narrowed. The 2014 R8 is a mean looking machine.

The present 100% aluminum-based ASF chassis is replaced on the 2014 model with a multi-material mix on the new R8. Implemented now is carbon fiber chassis and rear firewall. The transmission tunnel and the B-posts will also serve as rollover protection system. The new materials and structure approach reportedly makes the body 24 kilos lighter and 13% stiffer. Meanwhile the body will be made of an aluminum hybrid.

The base model of the 2014 Audi R8 will retain the naturally aspirated V8 at 450bhp, but the performance of the revisited V10 will be at a crushing 550bhp. It has been suggested by Audi that if all goes according to plan there may be a retirement of the V10 for a turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 producing an explosive 600bhp. This V8 is the same engine powering the Audi S8. Audi is also reporting that a full year after the release of the 2014 R8 the brand new Spyder will be ready to hit the road.


The 2014 Audi R8 is for serious drivers burning serious road. Its one of those cars that just because you may happen to have the money to buy one it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. But damn, it would be hard to resist. Getting behind the wheel of this car on the right road under the perfect conditions is sure to provide some absolutely frenzied entertainment. Unless you’re a racecar driver or an international spy or a hitman or even a getaway driver it’s not likely that there’s any practical use for the power the Audi R8 provides. But since when was that ever the point. Driving this car everything you can imagine, the most mundane of things, will be reason enough to drop a gear and stand on the gas. That squirrel dropped an acorn, better hit the gas. You won’t be driving the kids to school in this car but if you did you would definitely give them something to talk about at show and tell.




Calvin Escobar
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