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2014 Peugeot HX1

Published July 10, 2012

Don’t look now but Peugeot is about to knock the world of luxury crossover hybrids on its ass. Actually go ahead and look. Take a long hard look at the Peugeot HX1, wipe the drool off your jaw after you’ve picked it up off the floor and then try and tell me that car isn’t twenty pounds of pure awesomeness in a five pound bag. And if you do try and tell me your not impressed with this car be prepared to get slapped around silly because I will go totally gangster on your ass.

Peugeot is taking everyone to school on the HX1. Putting on a clinic. Beyond the pure beauty of the design of this car that is enough to make a person cry in sheer appreciation of its magnificence, here’s what’s genius about it. The 2014 Peugeot HX1 will feature a number of cutting edge technologies such as active flap vents designed to optimize aerodynamics in respect to vehicle speed. The low sleek body will hug the road and be powered with Peugeot’s latest HYbrid4 hybrid technology. HYbrid4 essentially pairs an electric motor with a diesel engine and the two operate alternatively or simultaneously. The number four is in reference to the all-wheel drive capability. In the case of the Peugeot HX1 an electric motor would drive the rear wheels while a 2.2-liter turbo diesel unit drives the front, working ideally for longer journeys on main roads and highways. The diesel engine is putting out 204 horsepower. Meanwhile the electric motor, positioned at the rear axle, is capable of 95 horsepower and is responsible for lower yield driving such as starting, low speeds and deceleration. But the electric engine will also be able to handle quick short runs around town and is designed to run in a zero emissions capacity. The combined engines total for a satisfying 299 horsepower. All controlled by a six-speed automatic transmission. According to Peugeot the HX1 will achieve a fuel efficiency of about 73 mpg. Which is pretty stunning. In addition to all that this is a hybrid that is capable of being plugged directly into a household power outlet for charge. The batteries, which are also located at the rear of the vehicle, are lithium-ion and according to Peugeot the HX1 will be able to travel more than 18 miles on a fully charged battery cell. The regenerative breaking system will provide an additional charge for the batteries.

When all is said and done the HX1 is a station wagon really. An incredibly gorgeous and well thought out station wagon. The front doors swing up and forward while the rear door swing up and back. The effect opens complete access to the entire cabin with no difficulties or uncomfortable maneuvering.

The HX1 is based on the highly praised concept vehicle presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in 2011. There’s no reports or photos yet on what the interior will look like, but it’s a safe guess to say that its extremely futuristic esthetic will be toned down considerably for the final production vehicle.

The only thing that is unattractive about the 2014 Peugeot HX1 is the colossal price tag registering in at a ball crushing $75,000. Not exactly making it the ‘every man’s vehicle’. This will be an elitist car for fairly wealthy people so they too can drive around and feel good about their eco-footprint and “not feel like nerdy dorks like the poor people driving the Smart Car”.

That’s a direct quote from a rich person by the way.



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