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The Audi R4 2015 Model Shares DNA With The VW BlueSport!

Updated October 21, 2018

If there were ever a family resemblance, the Audi R4 2015 model and its Volkswagen BlueSport cousin are unmistakably related. The R4 has been in the running for production for about as long. Actually just as long. There seems to be a great deal of family squabbling over these models. It’s like watching sisters argue over who should have a baby first.

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It seems as if Audi is after a piece of Volkswagen’s action. Volkswagens are obviously less expensive than Audis and they want to change that by making their brand more accessible to a younger crowd who wants behind the wheel of an Audi. Enter the Audi R4. The problem is the R4 and the BlueSport are so similar and would be in an identical price range making for some intense family competition. Making the whole situation even more ridiculous is that Audi would be using their 2.0T turbocharged 4 cylinder that produces some 265–300hp. Audi has also suggested that a supercharged V-6 with 300–330hp and even the 335-bhp turbocharged 5-cylinder from the TT RS were being considered. I highly doubt it.

There is virtually no sense in releasing a cheaper sports coupe of the exact performance capabilities as the TT. Unless of course Audi wants to see the TT go extinct It’s entirely possible that the Volkswagen TDI I4 engine producing around 180hp will be implanted into the R4. And in all likelihood they’d match it to the six speed dual clutch transmission. Which means the Audi R4 would also virtually match the BlueSport with its 0-60 mph time of 6.2 sec and a top speed of 140 mph. Audi could drop in a more powerful motor to push the horsepower up to a more typical 200-300 but the problem with that is the other cousin, the Porsche 550, is said to be gunning for that performance level also at a much more affordable price range.

Children. Please stop fighting.

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Audi has the TT, which does make the R4 seem a little silly. But really this is about marketing and branding. It’s about getting a younger generation behind the wheel of an Audi. This way a whole new demographic can experience the driving pleasure of an Audi and develop a love for them and a brand faith. This way when they get a little older and they’re making a little more money they’ll trade ion their R4 for a TT or maybe even an R8. Or, if Audi is really lucky perhaps a few of that new generation will even be able to afford an NSX. Which is exactly what Porsche is thinking with the 550 model. All poor little Volkswagen wants to do is introduce a new two seater sports coupe to the world that is a little more exciting than their long standing work horse GTI Golf. And no one can really blame them. But we can expect the Audi R4 to win the me-first battle. And we will likely see it come early 2015 if rumors can be believed.

The good thing that can be taken from this is that we as consumers win. Because either way there are some sweet roadsters coming from the Volkswagen Parent Company and somewhere in there each has s version that we can afford.

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