2015 BMW M7

A new BMW M7 would be a welcome edition to the BMW lineup

Updated September 3, 2018

Ultra Luxury, Ultra Size, Ultra Speed, Ultra Price of the 2015 BMW M7

BMW is slapping an “M” Badge on more and more of their vehicles but as the company is doing that they are also backing that badge up with a plethora of power. Each of these vehicles is adorned by that famous M as it states that you are getting passed by a vehicle that you cannot keep up with. Even funky abominations such as the X6 have an M version that pumps out 555 hp thanks to its impressive twin turbo V8 that lays down the law. So it looks like BMW will be expanding the M series even to their flagship 7-series as it will have the performance and luxury to satisfy even the most cantankerous old fart.

BMW M7 Horsepower

The 2015 BMW M7 Specs

Currently BMW offers the Alpina B7 series that produces 500hp from a V8 and is connected to an all-wheel-drive to help the car get you to your chalet in time to keep the snow bunnies entertained. What we see is that there are obviously individuals that are looking for special editions with power as BMW has ended up selling a few Alpina B7’s. So we will likely see the special edition Alpina be dropped and replaced by an M that will have a more aggressive styling and probably a bigger mouth that will work great for scooping up little baby raccoons off the road at 155 mph. As for the BMW M7 horsepower figures, what will be interesting is to see if BMW will use the current 4.4 L V8 engine with the current twin-scroll turbo technology or if they will look for something else in order to produce over 600 hp.

Bmw M7 Specs

The 2015 BMW M7 Price

Either way BMW goes whether its 4.4 L or larger and either RWD or AWD makes me come to the realization of one thing. This car is going to be expensive, BMW engineers want an electromagnetic ride technology that is further advanced than any other and can turn the 2015 BMW M7 from a wing-back chair on wheels to a Recaro race ready super sled. So therefore you can ask for some Grey Poupon while your driver drifts you parallel to another M7. The BMW M7 will be the company’s showcase masterpiece of performance and technology so expect a $135k or more price tag being slapped on the ride making it the “Bismarck Bullet”.



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