2015 ford fusion

2015 Ford Fusion Is The Most Sought After Car From Ford

Updated August 6, 2015

The car that is searched most by the car owners

It can be easily said that the 2015 Ford Fusion is the most happening car from Ford. Whether it is the features or the models the company has really made wonderful cars for everyone. Let’s take a look at the features of the car which Ford proudly boasts of.

2015 ford fusion The Ultimate

What features make the car special:

Fuel efficiency is the key to success in today’s world and here the Ford Fusion scores over all the other cars. It comes with a 2.0 liter I-4 Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine which can produce about 188 horsepower for the car. Once your car reaches the speed of 85 mph, you can have the vehicle work on electric mode. If you need help for smooth driving take the help of the driving coach that is the SmartGauge® with EcoGuide. It provides driving feedback with the help of the screens on both sides of the speedometer. With the help of the Engage and Empower modes on the left screen you can get information to help in driving your vehicle more efficiently. You can understand whether your driving is efficient or not by checking the right hand screen display, which would grow leaves and vine with more efficient driving. You can also track various modes of driving such as electric drive, gas engine drive, hybrid drive and can also check the average and the instant fuel economy.

2015 ford fusion Interior

The braking system is another important feature in any car. You know whenever you apply the brakes of the conventional vehicle there is a loss to the kinetic energy to heat because of the friction. But regenerative braking is used in the Fusion versions of the Ford and that helps in recovering more than 90 percent of this lost energy and that is transferred back to the battery pack so that it could be used later.

2015 ford fusion
The latest Fusion version comes with Active Grille Shutters, which are introduced for improving the efficiency by altering the shutters that are located behind the grille. These shutters which are electronically controlled are placed in between the radiator and the grille opening. These shutters open and close, thus maintaining the ideal temperature of the engine while it is in operation. Therefore, you will find these shutters closed when the engine needs heating; then these shutters help to improve the aerodynamics.

2015 ford fusion Back
Those of you who love to have the latest technology introduced in their cars; it is indeed good news for you! These cars come with various technological “surprises” for you. The first one is the rear view camera which automatically transmits the images of the objects behind you once you put the gear in the reverse mode. If you want to take meetings and calls from your car, here is the SYNC 27 Connectivity system in these cars. With this you can control the music with voice commands and can send and receive audible text messages. Another interesting technology is the active park assist. It would help you identify the right spot for parking your vehicle by sensing the safe distance from the other cars with the ultrasonic sensors.

2015 ford fusion Side



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