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2015 Lexus LF-LC

Published July 19, 2012

Okay so it’s a boat load of wishful thinking to say that in 2015 we’ll see the Lexus LF-LC on the roads. Yet Lexus is certainly implying that this car will be on the road in the near future. And the Lexus LF-LC will be a one of a kind for not only the automaker but also the world in general. Expect the LF-LC to create a new language in the auto industry for the coming years. Particularly with high performance supercars.

Yes Lexus has the Lexus LFA, but honestly it is entirely unattainable due to its $375,000 cost factors and limited production. To build a car that elite is problematic for any automaker and certainly Lexus is no exception. So their desire was to create a vehicle that was every bit as exciting and beautiful about the LFA and yet make it more within reach for the current supercar market. That’s not to say the LF-LC is going to be cheap. Less expensive would probably describe it better.

Lexus wanted for the LF-LC model to take all the greatest aspects of technology and blend them seamlessly with everything warm and inviting about the organics of nature. They gave their design engineers a clean slate to allow for that pure and organic creative process to excel and produce a unique and distinctive product. And it paid off in a huge way. The LF-LC design took a literal organic inspiration for the LF-LC. It’s design that emulates a tall leaf from a beautiful plant. Lexus isn’t revealing what kind of plant it was and I’m no botanist so there’s no knowing the strain. What we do know is that it made kick ass looking car. The story goes they apparently took that inspiring leaf and scanned it digitally and translated that information into a 3D form and used a vacuum forming process to pull down shapes. They created a form language for the design process called Fluid Precision Design.

At the front of the car is the spindle grille considered the sculptural cornerstone of the car that provides full access to the design of the car. The triple headlight pattern displays the new tech image of efficiency and incisive details. The entire car is sloping and sleek. Leaning back with confidence. The glass rear quarter panel wraps around the back of the car and is anchored by a unique and lightweight floating C-Pillar. The tail lamps are designed with a highly effective three-dimensional effect, emulating the visually infinite aerospace afterburners.

And, of course, it will be powered by cutting edge hybrid technology offered by Lexus.

Lexus wanted something avant-garde. And leading in both technology and design engineering. They desired a practical example synergy in opposites, and how they actually can attract and compliment each other. The Lexus LF-LC is a highly premium car and certainly a showpiece for the automaker. This car will be the touchstone for all future Lexus designs and technological engineering.



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