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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Got A New Engine, But Is It Enough To Make It Strong On The Market?

Mitsubishi is not basking in glory right now. They have an outdated car portfolio, they’ve sacked their Lancer Evo series (or they will), and the only cars that enable them to make some bucks  are small and midsized SUVs. The Outlander Sport is one of them and as it is still popular and sought after, Mitsubishi is still working on it and trying to make it modern and contemporary in an ever changing world such is the world of today. The 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is therefore updated and slightly modified in comparison with the older version.


The biggest novelty on the 2015 Outlander Sport is the integration of the new engine. Slightly  larger 24 liter petrol engine found place under the hood of the Outlander Sport and this engine, finally brings some punch to the Outlander Sport. We know that the car was powered only by a two liter engine, which was, to say the least, underpowered. With its 148 HP, it barely moved the Outlander in any dignified way. Now, however, things changed a bit. The 2.4 liter engine delivering 168 HP and 167 lb ft of torque (compared to the 145 lb ft of torque out of two liter unit) is a better bet for sure. Reading about it in the press release tells us that this MIVEC four cylinder should provide punchier and sharper performance for the popular SUV. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi doesn’t talk about concrete performance data, but we can see here that this engine brings a better equipment with itself which actually means that the 2015 Outlander Sport is much better value for money than it was year before.


Two versions are available. ES trim is an entry level trim which brings a bit modified front bumper thus differentiating the entry level 2015 Outlander Sport ES powered by a two liter engine with the one powered by a more potent propulsion unit.  Higher specced Outlander Sport GT is a totally different story. Despite being only a few grand more expensive, the 2015 Outlander Sport GT is garnished with equipment that makes it pop out in the segment of small compact SUVs. Mitsubishi points out that this car features “power driver’s seat, leather-wrapped parking brake handle, aluminum pedals, and exterior enhancements including a black center bumper along with black roof rails and outside mirrors with LED turn indicators.”


More importantly, four wheel drive can be integrated with any trim available but according to some previous reports, the car with the CVT and four wheel drive is dramatically slower than the one with the two wheel drive and a stick. No mention about performance from Mitsubishi right now, but we are rather sure that they’ve done some tweaking and tuning.


It’s worth to mention that the newest Outlander Sport 2.4 GT is available with the special GT Premium Package which, for a hefty price bump, brings a lot of impressive equipment. Without it, the Outlander actually remains one of the better valued SUVs, but it is hard to think that it can fight its own fight against modern compact SUVs such as the Mazda CX-5, the updated Honda CR-V, or even the Ford Escape.





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