2015 RAM Laramie Limited Is A Badass Piece Of Truck, But Is This Too Much To Handle

Published February 16, 2015

The 2015 RAM Laramie Limited should be the epitome of luxury and style in the class of pickup trucks. But, is it? Did those “high” RAM designers succeed in making this Laramie Limited classy or they just made it look cheap like these new “swag thing” boys!?


You can obviously see what is different from before! The front end receive a MASSIVE grill which somehow pops out even more than that of the previous Dodge trucks. Honestly, we do not know if we like it or hate it. Looking at it from one perspective, this thing with a large RAM plaque in front makes this Laramie definitely scary and its presence is undeniable. But then again, what are those things at the sides of the grille? Are those some kind of teeth or just a visual trick to make your eyes point to that large RAM plaque. Whatever it is one thing is certain, this RAM will not go unnoticed wherever it comes and that is the biggest  advantage of such a radical styling. RAM knew that not everyone will like what they’ve done with the 2015 Laramie Limited, but those who do and those who buy it will actually be a mobile advertisement for the RAM when driving this bloody thing. And we are not being cocky here.Take a look at the rear end! See! RAM installed the biggest badge you’ve seen in a while (20 inch across). Some time before, these badges on the liftgate were just usual business and no one really noticed them, then all of a sudden everyone stopped putting this big ass badges on their trucks, so when RAM got back with one of these everyone just went mad. They say, it is not classy. Well, it shouldn’t be.


In RAM’s official press release, it is highlighted that RAM is constructed to set “benchmark in truck opulence”. Well, there you are, there will be noone on earth that will not spot this car even if it stands next to a Pagani. Actually, you’d probably see all this chrome from two blocks away.

So, the opulence is clearly here and it’s not classy but who really cares!?


We really care what’s in the large cabin of the 2015 RAM Laramie. The interior is possibly the best in the truck business. It doesn’t even look like its made for the large truck. With the fine leather covering almost every surface in it and with the large center display (with UConnect infotainment), the RAM Laramie Limited promises top comfort and luxury for all occupants. Depending on the version the buyers can opt for wooden inserts and for full chrome package inside which really makes this large cabin a cozy place to be in.


During the unveiling of the 2015 Laramie Limited RAM officials said that they strive to accomplish the highest possible level of sophistication by installing top notch equipment into this truck.

“Among Ram Truck’s greatest strengths is our ability to quickly react to customer demand,” said Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand — FCA US LLC. “The new Laramie Limited trim is a perfect example of how Ram directly responds to customer input with the highest level of luxury available in pickups. The Laramie Limited trim exceeds the high expectations of affluent truck buyers by combining capability with refinement.”


There, they say that the RAM is sophisticated. In terms of on board equipment and safety systems  we couldn’t agree more, but the looks of it don’t follow the sophistication RAM really wanted. For sure, the Laramie Limited is an angry piece of machinery and with some rather controversial style features it will be very conspicuous on the roads, but in terms of its stylistic sophistication and elegance we have to say that RAM designers have to visit some museums with fine arts exhibitions.



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