2016 Ford Taurus Is Better, Much More Refined And Luxurious

Published April 28, 2015

Imagine this! The Ford Taurus for China is more upscale in comparison with the one sold here. Ford just revealed the new 2016 Ford Taurus at the Shanghai Auto Show and this is the first time ever that the Taurus is offered in China. Trying to compete with the modern premium cars and upper segment cars in China, Ford slightly redesigned the Taurus in comparison with the one sold here.


First of all, the most notable change is at the front where the car received a front end reminiscent of that on the new Fusion (or the Mondeo for all of you reading from Europe). Large front grill and the lights which honestly look a bit like those on the 2015 Ford Mustang, almost made an upscale feel, but we have to point out that the car in total doesn’t really cut it like the premium sedan. There is something lacking here. We think that small, elegant detailing on the outside would up the overall spirit and stance of the car. Nevertheless, the 2016 Ford Taurus don’t look bad. It is aggressive, sophisticated, somewhat bald and charismatic which are all characteristics mostly valued  by the buyers of the premium car segment cars.


Apart from the new exterior look, the interior of the Taurus is something that went through major revisions. Receiving metal detailing, leather upholstery and something Ford calls “smart design”, the interior of the Ford Taurus tells us that the US manufacturer might integrate a bit of this “greatness” into cars sold elsewhere as well.


Also, with a three inches longer wheelbase (now at 116 inches), the interior is so spacious and roomy that Chinese customers might even hire a chauffeur to chauffeur them while they rest in the powered back seats (yes, they can recline). Really, imagine a Ford chauffeured. This is strange world we live in.


As expected, this fairly large front wheel driven sedan is powered by modern tech. EcoBoost is once again the main engine in offering. The Chinese will be able to enjoy a 2,7 liter EcoBoost which develops certainly more than 300 HP. Interestingly, Ford did not disclose any further information about the engine except that “the Taurus has the effortless power to match its elegant appearance.” So, more than 300 HP for sure.


“The Ford Taurus we’re introducing today shows the amazing strength and flexibility of our One Ford plan,” said John Lawler, chairman and CEO, Ford China. “It combines the best of our global product development and large-car expertise with a clear understanding of what Chinese customers in this segment want.”

Obviously, Ford is on the go to create cars which could be sold anywhere anytime. This is a somewhat innovative approach which could be a trigger to change every car brand into a worldwide conglomerate. Who knows, the whole idea about the One Ford Plan, currently exercised all over the world, could change the world in the way the production lines changed it for good. The 2016 Ford Taurus is just one more step taken in the right direction and with the Taurus, Ford might soon start to grasp other markets as well. Imagine it in Europe. It could make a mess there.


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