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2016 Honda CBR500R: A Closer Look

Up Close With The 2016 Honda CBR500R

Updated August 10, 2018

Earlier this week, Honda let us know about their new 2016 CBR500R, and while we were very impressed about the whole thing, they were a bit stingy on the visuals. Thankfully, the AIMExpo has opened its doors and guess what? We’ve got more information and more pictures for you.

Honda CBR500R 2016 1Honda CBR500R 2016 2

2016 Honda CBR500R: First Bike Material?

The new CBR500R boasts some aggressive design elements, including edgy shapes and sharp lines, a treatment that Honda rarely uses on its smaller machines. And this is a smaller machine, but don’t be fooled by its A2 compliant paperwork because we’re still talking about a sporty, 471 cc parallel twin engine with pushes out “somewhere towards the business end of the legally acceptable 47 hp limit” – the exact figure hasn’t been published, sadly. And just before the big cc boys club goes around calling this a “beginner’s bike,” it’s worth mentioning that if we had something like this to cut our teeth on back in the day, the vast majority of us wouldn’t be standing here. In fact, my first bike was 33 hp and that was more than enough for my inexperienced hands at the time.

Honda CBR500R 2016 3Honda CBR500R 2016 4

But beginner orientated it is. However, that doesn’t mean that experienced riders won’t get a kick out of it. It’s features include pre-load adjustability on the fork, fully adjustable levers, a 320mm front disc, a larger fuel tank (15.5 liter – 4.1 US gal), LED headlights and ABS, if you want it.

Honda CBR500R 2016 5Honda CBR500R 2016 6

The 2016 CBR500R also comes equipped with a shorter exhaust that has been tuned for your aural satisfaction, that pairs well with a few of the CBR500R’s many optional luggage add ons, if longer stretches are on your itinerary.

Honda CBR500R 2016 7

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more information as we get it from Honda. Until then, take a look at these pictures instead and wonder whether you’ll be buying yours in Matt Black Metallic, Red or Pearl White. Or get down to Florida for the AIMExpo while you still can.

Honda CBR500R 2016 8Honda CBR500R 2016 9Honda CBR500R 2016 9


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