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The 2016 Indian Dark Horse: A Cruiser For The New Generation

This New Breed Of Indian Dark Horse Is Dark Enough For Gotham City!

Updated August 8, 2018

I’ve heard many people say that ‘a cruiser is a cruiser’ and no matter what’s done to it or what company manufactures it, it’ll all be essentially the same thing. These same people wouldn’t dream of saying that ‘a sports bike is a sports bike,’ so here we’re going to prove them wrong on the cruiser front: we’re introducing the 2016 Indian Dark Horse. More than just another cruiser.

The 2016 Indian Dark Horse Has Arrived!

2016 Indian Dark Horse 12016 Indian Dark Horse 2This is a stripped down approach for a new generation of riders; the target market is for the younger of the middle aged biker category. Everything has reduced in weight and the styling and detailing has an understated and muted sex appeal. It’s called the ‘Dark Horse’ for obvious reasons but underneath that matte black, the Dark Horse becomes a warhorse, fit for any budding Bruce Waynes.

Aside from the all-black finish, the same tried and tested Thunderstroke 111 engine pumps away but it weighs a hell of a lot less. Even the wheels have been cast to shed the extra pounds as for a passenger seat? It’s an optional extra. All in, it’s got a dry weight of 751 pounds, 27 less than the 2015 model. It might seem like a small change but anyone who rides can tell you that a little lost weight goes a long, long way. Thankfully, it comes with ABS as standard. Even the passenger seat got the chop.

2016 Indian Dark Horse 32016 Indian Dark Horse 4Even the twin exhausts have been tuned to give a proper Indian rumble, eliminating any high-pitched off notes that jar the ears.

As for styling, it comes with the 1947 Warbonnet graphic on the tank, as well as a front fender mounted trophy, proving that the owner has bought nothing less than a genuine Indian.

2016 Indian Dark Horse 52016 Indian Dark Horse 6It’s got the usual fender valances that you’d expect but the standard over-the-top chrome is a thing of the past. Combining the muted black finish with the minimalist chrome work is a stroke of Indian genius.

Personally, cruisers aren’t my thing but I do love to see a fully integrated fuel tank display, especially one executed as nicely as this one. The only downside that I see is the application of the keyless ignition. It’s going to leak over to every type of motorcycle soon and I just don’t get the appeal.

2016 Indian Dark Horse 8photos-large-7The other thing that grates me is that you can get an optional set of ape hangers as standard. When cool custom bars come as stock, you know you don’t want them anymore.


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