2016 Toyota Prius GT300 Racecar Unveiled

Introducing The Prius GT300: A Genuine Prius Race Car!

Updated October 1, 2018

People don’t necessarily see the sport of auto racing a green – or environmentally friendly – activity. However, Toyota shows that it is. The manufacturer has been involved in Japan’s Super GT Championship Series using a Prius and has just introduced its latest contender, a 2016 Toyota Prius GT300 from APR Racing. The vehicle was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The new generation Toyota Prius GT300 racer picks up much of the technologies of the new production version and integrates them with systems used on the previous generation racer.

Prius GT300 1

For example, Toyota says that the electric motor in the new racer stems from one of the current production models. However, that’s just about all Toyota has said about the motor. Seems like mum’s the word.

The manufacturer has been more open about the gasoline engine though. It’s a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, which has been used in a number of Toyota racecars, including the recently retired Toyota Prius GT300.

Prius GT300 2

The GT Series has changed the rules demanding that the engine could not be mid-mounted. So it now resides in the standard factory location on the new racer.

To ensure better distribution of weight, the new Prius’ enhanced hybrid synergy drive system has been relocated to the passenger footwell.

Prius GT300 3

Visually, the car looks pretty much like the road model except with some aerodynamic features that lets it cut through the wind more efficiently. The spaceship-like headlights, taillights and the familiar shape of the front grille and air intakes have been retained from the production model, but the lines have been enhanced with adapted body panels and other co-efficient ratio reduction items like a massive rear wing and rear diffuser. Other aerodynamic features include wide stretching fenders that cover the track tires

Inside the cockpit there is widespread use of composite carbon fiber.

The new generation racer is poised to launch its competition run at the Super GT Series season opening event on April 9-10 at the Okayama International Circuit.

Prius GT300 - Prius Race Car


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