2017 Acura NSX Type-R is in the works

A New Look At The Upcoming Acura NSX Type-R!

Updated September 15, 2018

The 2017 Acura NSX Type-R is Honda‘s way of adding some aerodynamic treats and some racing seats and charging much more for the privilege, add 20-30bhp from the electric assist and there you have a bigger price tag with more profit margin.

Acura NSX Type-R 1

It seems that Acura is in all sorts of trouble with the mass market and needs to rekindle the days of being a top luxury powerhouse by re-introducing the 2017 Acura NSX Type-R. The problem with Acura is that their designs became too radical (take note Lexus) and discouraged most of the old hags that bought the TL’s & RL’s, changed the good looks of the TSX to this, and they scraped the NSX. Giving the bird beak grills to the whole line up made the whole lineup look like shit and because of it they have been trying to recoup. Just like all large corporations that try to give similar looks to all their cars means that they are cutting out a significant market that simply doesn’t care for the looks in general. Take Acura’s declining sales and stack the value of the Yen against them and you have a declining profit margin on top of the slow moving sales.

Acura NSX Type-R 2 Acura NSX Type-R 3

With the new 2016 Acura NSX making laps around Nürburgring without battery fires means that they are getting closer to finalizing its arrival. Since Honda Mo Co is so secret about their products and take for-fucking-ever to debut them means that we may or may not get this by 2015-2016. Like the Lexus LFA, there is only so long you have to develop a supercar before something debuts from a competitor that causes a paradigm shift in the industry just like carbon fiber did and then you have to go back to the drawing board. Now with KERS systems becoming common place for supercars means that battery and energy recovery systems will also be changing dramatically over the years and thus means that you have to push your car to the market or get left behind.

Acura NSX Type-R 4 Acura NSX Type-R 5 Acura NSX Type-R 6

Now Honda/Acura have been working on a cacophony of power outputs and simply typing it makes my head hurt but in a simplistic matter, there will be a high output turbo 6-cylinder mounted mid-engine assisted by several electric motors in order to power this car. Their SH-AWD should make for a ridiculously good handling car as it kept my old Prelude SH out of the ditch several times. But to show you rather than bore you, here is a video to help clarify things:


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