The 2017 BMW S1000 Family: The R, RR & XR!

Introducing The 2017 BMW S1000R, S1000RR, & S1000XR Models!

Updated August 15, 2018

Cologne’s INTERMOT show was dominated by the latest offerings from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Ducati, but what happened to BMW? Sure, we saw them show off their new range of R nineTs and a few other choice models, but where was the pomp and ceremony surrounding the 2017 editions of the S1000 family? Even though the S1000RR is arguably one of the best motorcycles out there, the unveiling of the 2017 edition kind of fell a bit flat. Don’t worry though, the 2017 models have all been given enough in the way of upgrades and tweaks to keep them exciting, they just didn’t command enough excitement to knock the latest CBR SP duo, or the forthcoming GSX-R models out of the headlines. To right that wrong, we’re going so show off what the 2017 S1000 series has to offer.

2017 BMW S1000 Range 1

The S1000R Vs S1000XR Vs S1000RR: Which One Is Which?

BMW Motorrad’s press release had this to say: “Supreme riding dynamics, athletic character combined with maximum safety and everyday practicality – these are the defining characteristics of the BMW Motorrad 4-cylinder models.” The S1000RR supersports bike, the S1000R roadster, and the adventure sports based S1000XR have all been revised for 2017, and here’s a quick overview of the changes:

The BMW S1000RR 2017 Edition:virtually perfect yet still optimized”

2017 BMW S1000 Range 2

While many of us were hoping for significant updates for the RR, we’re not too disappointed by what BMW has offered up instead. The 2017 edition of the sports bike has been tweaked to meet Euro4 requirements, comes with DTC as standard, and comes with an optional ABS Pro feature. The new version of the RR comes with a single seat configuration as standard, thanks to a new passenger seat cover; the full “passenger package” will also be available as a free alternative.

2017 BMW S1000 Range 3

Prospective buyers can pick up the 2017 BMW S1000RR in a wide range of tried and tested color schemes, such as Racing Red non-metallic with Light White non-metallic and Lupine Blue metallic with a combination of Light White non-metallic, or Racing Red non-metallic. BMW have also added a whole new color option too: Granite Grey metallic, with Blackstorm metallic. New rim colors are also available too!

The power and performance of the mighty S1000RR will remain the same for 2017.

The BMW S1000R 2017 Edition:enhanced dynamic roadster”

2017 BMW S1000 Range 4

Of all three members of the S1000 family, it’s the 2017 S1000R that gets the biggest changes for 2017. Even after being brought in line with European emissions regulations, the 2017 S1000R has enjoyed a power boost of 5hp, up from last year’s 160 hp at 11,000 rpm. The overall weight has also been reduced down to 205 kg. The new weight reduction is courtesy of a new HP titanium silencer (as standard), a lighter frame structure in the rear section, and a lighter wheel option for an extra cost from HP.

Other changes include new vibration free handlebars, a revised instrument cluster, and less in the way of fairings. The 2017 S1000R will also come with an optional ABS Pro function, and an optional HP Shift Assistant Pro package with up and down quickshifting capabilities.

New color options include a Racing Red and Blackstorm combination, a Catalano Grey finish, and the traditional BMW Motorsport Blue, White and Red.

The BMW S1000XR 2017: “adventure sports, further redefined”

2017 BMW S1000 Range 5

Similar to the other two machines, the S1000XR has also been tweaked to conform to the new Euro4 emissions rules, and like the S1000R, the S1000XR benefits from a 5 hp power boost. It now boasts 165 hp at 11,000 rpm compared to last year’s 160 hp.

The S1000XR has also been treated with vibration free handlebars, but that’s about it in the chassis and performance department. However, since it’s more of a work horse than the other two models, BMW have increased the bike’s permissible weight, upping it from 434 kg to 444 kg, adding 10 kg to the payload.

The color options include the standard Racing Red, Granite Grey and Light White. However, BMW have added a new color option called Ocean Blue metallic matt.

We’ve got no word on the price and availability yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as BMW sends the details through to us!




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