2017 Bugatti Chiron – Veyron Successor

Published September 4, 2015

2017 Bugatti S

Tired of the million dollar-plus super-ultra-hypercars that are so dull and drivel? Well good news oil sheik, cause now there is a new Bugatti on the way that will only cost you around $2.5-3 million USD . So for mere pocket change you could have a supercar deity packing around 1500hp from the W16 engine and quad-turbos.

2017 Bugatti Rear

Speculations – This new Bugatti Chiron will likely have much more computer oversight over the fuel and air delivery. From fiddled direct injection and twin-scroll quad-turbos are likely to find themselves on this engine as it works to improve upon that already silky smooth power band. No news on a KERS like system that would rid the car of the fully mechanical AWD system. Although VW/Audi/Lamborghini engineers are at Bugatti’s disposal, they likely are going to stick with a similar underpinning drivetrain from the previous Veyron. There will likely be 114 different Special Editions and of course a hoped up Bugatti Chiron SS version to make its way into the spotlight at an even later date.

2017 Bugatti SS

Expect this car to become another supercar benchmark and engineering Graceland such as the Veyron and expect to see high 1’s/low 2’s on the 0-60 time as this car steps up to rival the fastest. The photos are speculative as we haven’t got a full on glimpse of this.

2017 Bugatti

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