2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Caught On The Road

Updated July 20, 2016

We’ve all seen pictures of the new Raptor and heard rumors of the ecoboost V6 being the sole heart of what use to be a 6.2L 411 hp beefy beast (possibly false). As stated by Ford, the new lighter 3.5L Turbo will produce over the previous 411 hp. With the aluminum body panels and lighter engine, this aids in lowering the overall weight by at least 500lbs. As a result, the Raptor should shave a fair amount of time off the 0-60 and quarter mile. As the 6.2L Raptor could get from 0-60 in 6.5 secs, the new Raptor should be able to accomplish 0-60 times in the low 5’s. Due to more power, less weights and a new 10-speed transmission should help propel this truck into the history books as a top performing off-roader.

2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-101-876x535 2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-102-876x535 2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-103-876x535 2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-104-876x535 2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-105-876x535Though we know turbos don’t much like heat and that these Raptors will be abused dearly. This means that Ford’s engineers have had their work cut out for them as high strain testing will likely not cover Dale jumping his Raptor on a motocross track. Also since every hater is going to cry bent frames, know that Ford engineers have worked to alleviate this to the point in which your airbags will likely deploy before any bending occurs.

2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-106-876x535 2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-107-876x535 2017-Ford-F-150-Raptor-Spy-Photos-109-876x535

Rumored: Is the addition of the 5.2L “Voodoo” V8 producing 526 hp (altered for Raptor) making its way into the Raptor as a NA engine with the possibility of a supercharger to make some serious power. Although not confirmed, Ford knows that many Raptor owners demand a V8 and fear them newfangled turbo thingies.


Photography Credit: Brian Williams

As for the looks of the production model, you can see that Ford has kept the lines clean and subtle and haven’t given the truck an ugly Ram Rebel like grille. There are no fake bolts on the fender flares or fake beadlock wheels (yet) and although Ford will likely have some wacky graphics packages, this truck looks as though an owner can drive this in a professional setting without having to call everyone broh.


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