2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 Actually Has More Power Than The Name Suggests

Published March 5, 2016

As you probably know the Ford Fiesta ST is the hottest hot hatch you could buy today. No, it is not the fastest, nor the most powerful, but the overall package simply enchants every driver bold enough to push the pocket rocket to its edge. Now, at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, Ford introduced a spiced up 2017 Fiesta ST200. As the name suggests, it received even more for the money and that at the most important place which is surprisingly not the engine. OK, it is 20-ish hp more powerful with the 1.6L EcoBoost now delivering 200hp (or even 215 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque during over boost which can last up to 15 seconds – plenty enough).


The real deal here are the improvements on the suspension and tweaks all over the drivetrain. The most important addition is actually the new Torque Vectoring Control and a 3-mode ESC system. Yes, this small machine has TVC which should give driving enthusiasts far more controllable power input and more freedom when thundering down the canyons or even on the track. The 3-mode ESC actually enables one to trick it out for certain conditions thus milking all the tiniest advancements the newly tuned suspension can offer. Even higher-grade cars cannot offer the same. These things are usually associated with race cars, so you can get the picture what is at stake here – the ST200 is a hot hatch that will give you all it can while asking very little in return.


The ST200 comes with new 17-inch alloys, special color and a bit more exclusive details on the inside like the ST200 badge, LED lighting on the sils and special seat belts. Not much difference but no one really cares, because this thing is here to give us a thrill of the drive. And it will, even faster than before. 62 mph is cracked in 6,7 seconds while the top speed went all up to 143 mph.

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