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2017 Ford GT Specs Finally Revealed – It’ll be the Fastest Ford Ever Created

Only a few days ago, EPA blew the first of many Ford GT-related whistles by releasing all-new supercar’s fuel economy ratings. Proud GT owners will have to put aside additional $2,600 in tax money but that shouldn’t pose a problem for someone that’s able to buy a $450,000 car. And neither should 11 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. Considering GT’s pedigree, however, these figures should be embraced with both arms.

And here’s why. We’ve finally received the 2017 Ford GT specs figures and they say the following: supercar’s 3.6L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 will be able to deliver as much as 647 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and 550 pound-feet of peak twist at 5,900 rpm. In theory, that should be enough for the top speed of 216 mph. Suddenly, mid teens in mpg sound just about right.

That’s about all there is for now. While we’re waiting for the next batch of figures which should include the 0 to 60 time, let’s pause for a moment and compare the GT to its competitors. McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 488GTB are both very close in terms of performance and they’ll be the GT’s main competitors as things stand now. Both supercars accelerate to 60 mph in a little bit more than 3 seconds which means you can expect similar out of 3,054-pound heavy Ford GT.

Detailed spec sheet is here if you’d like to get to know the car more thoroughly. Just don’t fall in love with it because you’re probably already too late if you’re thinking about buying one. Best you can hope for is the polite rejection letter from Ford.


Nikola Potrebić
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