2017 Honda Ridgeline Still Won’t Get Respect But Should

Published November 23, 2015

There is a vacuum of sorts when it comes to mid-size trucks for the U.S. market. For years, bigger was better (so full-size reigned king) and it still in some cases is but the market is calling for more selection and competition against the reigning Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon. Honda wants to enter the fight by reintroducing the Ridgeline truck to the masses…again.

Honda Ridgeline Baja

Seemingly every long term owner of the 1st Gen Ridgeline simply loved their trucks. Either this was a way to cover up their purchase mistake or they were truly sincere. As many saw the truck as a underpowered Japanese El Camino, owners loved that it was a comfortable, quiet and capable truck for a majority of their needs thanks to the engineering that was involved and the AWD system. No it’s no Raptor nor did it claim to be, but it did claim to be a livable everyday driver for those that needed a truck bed.




The downside is going to be looks, Honda wants a streamlined 2017 Honda Ridgeline that will be efficent. Problem is that this truck will maintain a soft rounded pudgy panda look rather than a sharp chiseled warhorse.

Honda Ridgeline

Sporting a high output V6, Honda knows that they need to reach for the 300 horsepower mark in order to start perking up ears. Problem is that Honda is dreadfully dull and conservative when it comes to vehicles and their production power figures. The Ridgeline will likely maintain its global platform chassis and thus have sceptics crying that it is simply a minivan with the third row replaced with a bed filled with coolers of wine spritzers.



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