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The 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite – Indian’s Range Topping Cruiser!

The 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite – A Masterpiece Of A Cruiser

Updated August 20, 2018

When Indian announced their 2017 line up, we knew that the company were going to put a lot of effort into their Chieftain range. The base model was fantastic. And then Indian amazed us with the Indian Chieftain “Limited” – which was the next step up. But now they’ve decided to take things to the next level. Introducing the 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite: the ultra-exclusive, top-of-the-line Chieftain!

2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 1 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 2

Before we get carried away talking about the premium features, let’s quickly go over the parts you should already be familiar with: the engine. The 2017 Chieftain Elite is powered by the same engine found on the base model and Limited versions: the Thunder Stroke 111. The engine produces a rather hefty 135 Nm of torque in stock form, but thanks to a wide range of optional extras, including a performance exhaust, Stage 2 performance cams, and a high-flow air-filter, it’s possible to get more out of that engine than you thought possible. But that’s not what makes this special…

2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 3 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 4

Indian’s Director of Marketing, Reid Wilson explained: “With the Chieftain Elite we wanted to design the most-premium, feature-packed Chieftain that we could possibly imagine. In the end, I think the bike exceeded even our own high expectations. It’s an absolute show stopper.”

2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 5 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 6

To meet the “show stopping” criteria, Indian machined a 19” front rim for every unit in the Elite line, and mated it with a cool cutback front guard to really show the front off. In fact, there are plenty of nice little details like this dotted across the bike, from the expertly upholstered saddle to the color matched headlight bezel. The headlight is actually a Pathfinder LED setup, and the upgraded tech doesn’t stop there: Elite owners will also enjoy a flared windshield, billet aluminum floorboards, and a rather appealing sound system to boot. The 200-Watt sound system is connected to four speakers: two tucked into the fairing, and two more mounted into the saddlebags!

2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 7 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 8

The 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite also boasts a 7 inch display from Ride Command, ABS as standard, a cool tire pressure monitoring system, luggage that can be locked and unlocked remotely, and keyless ignition. To be honest, we could live without the keyless ignition, but it’s the thing at the moment, isn’t it?

2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 9 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite 10

We’ll suffer the keyless ignition though, because it’s a small price to pay for the flawless paintwork on this beauty. If you invest in a Chieftain Elite, you’ll be pleased to know that the special Fireglow Red Candy paint scheme, with Marble Accents, is unique to the Elite units. Every bike is hand painted by Indian Motorcycle’s top painters, and according to the press release, every Elite unit takes a small team over 25 work-hours to complete, and thanks to their efforts, no two Elite models look the same.

Now that’s exclusive.


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