2017 Mazda CX-5 Is Here And Is A Looker

Published November 19, 2016

This is Kodo design on drugs. Please welcome the successor of one of the most popular crossovers – the 2017 Mazda CX-5. It is not boring, it is not only family orientated and now it looks better than ever before. While Mazda does market it as an all-new model, we have to reveal a secret about it. It is still based on the same architecture as the original 2013 Mazda CX-5. That is not bad at all, but it drops a shadow of doubt on all this “all-new” stuff.


From the design standpoint, the new CX-5 beats the old one in every aspect. And this a huge praise for a car as the old one was a looker from the moment it appeared. It has a massive grill now linked with headlights. It also has a thin, yet rather a cool opening at the lower bumper section additionally accentuating that sporty sharp feel. And then there are thin, mean headlights. It is easy to spot a bit of Jaguar F-Pace at the front and at the back indeed. It seems like the designers did have a peek at what the Jag and the Land Rover are doing with their crossovers. Thin, sleek and mean looking lights front and back seem to do the trick.


Side design features are not that different than before. New chrome trim here and there and a bit more muscular stance is all there is really. Sure, the 2017 CX-5 does look better than before, but it is not all-new as they want us to think. The car received a comprehensive facelift actually. Proving the point are the dimensions. CX-5 is only 0.4 inches longer and still features the same 106.3-inch wheelbase. Not bad at all, but now new either.


Where we see the most improvements is on the inside. Mazda did successfully execute the cabin on the previous CX-5, but it seems much more modern and up to the standards of today in the new one. Obviously, it was inspired by the one from the CX-9. Fewer buttons, less clutter and more style, and sophistication. That is the story in short about it. On top of the center console is a nice infotainment display as in all modern premium cars. It is not especially large, but it might be possible to upgrade it in the future. Other novelties inside include a myriad of new materials, upholstered plastics here and there and overall a better aura and feel about it all.


As for the driving stuff, Mazda confirmed the car will be available with a 2.5-liter petrol engine probably developing 184 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque. And then there will be a diesel. It will come late 2017. 2.2-liter Skyactive-D will be the first diesel for Mazda in the US but we do not know anything juicy about it. What we do know is that this thing develop 170 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque in other markets. Good enough. What we also know is that every new CX-5 will come with a six-speed automatic transmission and Mazda’s new G-Vectoring Control. This thing lowers torques sent to the wheels when cornering in order to ease steering. Maybe electromechanical servo thingy isn’t as good as hydraulics were!?

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