Harley Davidson’s 2017 Road King Bagger

Introducing The Awesome Harley Davidson’s 2017 Road King Special Bagger

Updated August 18, 2018

If you’re tempted by Harley Davidson’s new Milwaukee-Eight motor, why opt for the Road King Standard or Classic when you could have the Special? That’s right, Harley Davidson have added a third model to their 2017 Road King line-up: it’s less on the bling side, but it’s definitely the real king of the road. Saddlebags? It’s got ‘em. Big wheels? You bet. Character? You’d better believe it. It’s got a cool retro look, but with a powerful punch of modern technology.

Road King Bagger 1 Road King Bagger 2The New Road King Bagger

The new Milwaukee-Eight motor comes in two sizes: big (107 ci aka 1,753 cc), or bigger (114 ci aka 1,868 cc) and fans of the Road King touring series will be pleased to know that all three models of the Road King comes in these two denominations. If you want to know more about the engine then take a look at this link for more information – because here, we’re going to talk about the latest addition to the line-up: the Road King Special.

Road King Bagger 3 Road King Bagger 4

It’s been designed with a slightly younger audience in mind, appealing to the current trend of retro-modern aesthetics but with real-life practicality in mind. Unlike a lot of Harley Davidson rides, this one is noticeably lacking in the chrome department, and devoid of a lot of the usual trimmings, but instead it comes with a simple and clean look that gives the whole package an aggressive, utilitarian feel. Its old school in appearance, but it’s definitely modern in nature. “Modern” in relative terms, of course…

Road King Bagger 5 Road King Bagger 6

Harley’s designers decided to push the bagger aesthetic, but they did more than just put a couple of bags on it and call the job done. They supersized the wheels, increasing them from 17 inches to 19 inches at the front, and from 16 inches to 18 inches at the rear, for the sake of authenticity. The bags are also a little more sophisticated than we had expected. They’ve been designed to accommodate 5.7 liters of luggage, and the overall shape of them gives the nice illusion of a low and sleek tail unit. The rear suspension has also been given some work to help accommodate the new rear rim size. Apart from these (primarily) aesthetic changes, the Special is more or less the same as the Road King Standard and Classic. The frame, engine, front suspension, braking system, and fuel tank remain the same.

Road King Bagger 7 Road King Bagger 8

If you’re interested in the Road King Special, or the other two models, they comes with ABS as standard. The Special though, that comes in four different color options: hard candy custom hot rod red flake, olive gold, charcoal denim, and vivid black. Prices start from $21,999 – but the price increases depend on what color you want. Black is the cheapest at $21,999, but if you want the full hard candy custom hot rod red flake option, you’re looking at an unnecessary price increase of $2400. Obviously the more words and letters that you can cram into a paint schemes title affects its overall cost. Apparently.

Road King Bagger 9 Road King Bagger 10 Road King Bagger 11 Road King Bagger 13

All that aside though, it looks pretty awesome.


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