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The Biggest 2017 SEMA OMG!!! – 600hp Toyota C-HR R-Tuned (Juke R Dominator)

Don’t be mad! I will write about the 600hp Toyota CH-R after 218 characters

Published November 8, 2017

Nissan Juke R 2.0. You have to love it. Just think about it – quirky Juke with a GT-R 600hp Nismo engine strapped in place of the small 1.6-liter unit. It’s exceptional in its insanity. I don’t know why (actually, I do) but every time I think of it it reminds me of this photo. It was the only modern contraption like that to ever exist (before we had that insane Clio with a V6, or that Golf W12 650hp and so on).

Man, I grew up. Golf W12 Concept isn’t considered modern anymore.

Nevertheless, unlike them, the GT-R powered Juke worked well. So well, in fact, Nissan produced 23 units (and raced them against Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the like).

Ok, let me tell you just one more fact and I’ll stop writing about the Nissan Juke R in an article that is not about the Nissan Juke R.

Why 23 units?

I am ecstatic about the answer. Now, I really don’t know why.

In Japanese, “Ni” “San” is 23. “Ni” is 2, “San” is 3.


But it’s over.


Nissan Juke R isn’t my favorite anymore.

It was a nice dream while it lasted. Now I have a new dream of insanity – freaking 600hp Toyota C-HR (with a heavily modified 2.4-liter Toyota 2AZ-FE from Camry). Of course, it appeared at the SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas.

Toyota CH-R

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, please don’t be true, please don’t be true, please don’t be true (only in this case though).

Hear this Toyota

Toyota C-HR is a better car than the Juke in every respect, and having a version insane as this makes me happy that I live in the world of today. Now, only if Toyota had balls to make 23 units (OK, not 23 because of Ni and San, but maybe 200,000 :)).

FYI – 200,000 in Japanese – nijuuman…… Thank you, I love you too.

Toyota C-HR

Stylistically, the car seems to be ready to tackle the Pikes Peak hill climb and take some kind of award or whatever. I am not that “deep” though. Personally, I want to see it taking an imaginary scalp from a head of an egoistic man driving a turbocharged R8 or overpowered massive SUV. And Tesla Model S (if nothing P85D). Don’t kill me please, I know you like Tesla (I do too, I sat in one twice), but c’mon, it would be awesome.

Toyota C-HR

I did not mention the Hellcat, see.

You know why?

Because with 600hp, five-speed Toyota E-Series manual transmission, Toyo race tires,  triple-adjustable DG-Spec Motion Control Suspension (MCS) motorsports dampers, and functional aerodynamics that produce 300 pounds of downforce THE TOYOTA C-HR R-TUNED IS FASTER THAN the Challenger SRT Hellcat. Oh, I am so happy.

Toyota C-HR

But not as I would be if Toyota “PR or whatever” division figured out some other name than a sad, dull, muff, almost stupid R-Tuned. C’mon, It’s a 600hp (six hundred horsepower) Toyota C-HR crossover. You could call it,… I don’t know,… “Nijuuman”. It would be better. Give it some soul. It deserves soul.

Toyota C-HR

Before I bathe this post with a list of all accessories and specs of the Toyota C-HR R-Tuned (I am really sad I have to write R-Tuned, c’mon guys), let me tell you it will reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds (yea, I know, happycryingsmiley).

Toyota C-HR




› Estimated Power /Torque: 600 hp / 550 ft.-lbs.
› Curb Weight: 2,960 lbs.


› DG-Spec/Hasport custom engine swap to 2.4L 2AZ-FE
› DG-Spec/Hasport custom transmission swap to Toyota E-Series 5-speed manual
› DG-Spec/Hasport custom motor mount kit
› DG-Spec/Garrett Custom Turbo System:
GTX3076R Gen II turbo with 1.06 A/R turbine housing
› DG-Spec custom intercooler with Garrett core
› Dezod Motorsports-supplied forged connecting rods, 9.0:1 forged pistons, stainless steel intake valves, Inconel exhaust valves, racing valve springs, titanium retainers, and race bearings
› DG-Spec/Dezod Motorsports custom wiring harness
› AEM Series 2 Engine Management System
› AEM sensors and adjustable fuel pressure regulator
› Church Automotive Testing dyno tuning
› DG-Spec Custom Downpipe
› DG-Spec/Burns Stainless R-Tuned Performance 3” Cat-Back Exhaust
› External water-cooled wastegate
› DG-Spec Custom 4” Cold Air Intake
› OS Giken Super Lock LSD
› Centerforce custom clutch and flywheel
› Stock transmission internals with WPC Surface Metal Treatment, cryo, and super polishing treatments
› Hose Techniques custom radiator hoses and couplers
› Twin oil coolers with custom Motorsports Technical Center ducting
› Transmission cooler with fan
› Custom racing radiator
› High-capacity motorsports fuel pump with high G-Load capable pickup


› Front: DG-Spec/Motion Control Suspension triple-adjustable remote reservoir racing coilovers
› Rear: DG-Spec/Motion Control Suspension triple-adjustable remote reservoir racing aluminum body shocks
› Motion Control Suspension shock canister quick disconnects
› DG-Spec custom rear ride-height adjust system
› DG-Spec/Progress Technology adjustable rear camber arms
› DG-Spec/Progress Technology 3-way adjustable rear sway bar
› Vogtland racing springs
› DG-Spec custom front alignment and corner balancing


› DG-Spec custom adjustable rear wing with gurney flap
› DG-Spec custom adjustable front splitter
› DG-Spec custom air dam and side dams
› Kaminari custom vented carbon fiber hood
› DG-Spec/Backstreet Graphics custom livery
› Cabe Toyota and Motorsports Technical Center finishing work
› Motorsports Technical Center custom hatch bracing


› 18×9 wheels front and rear
› Toyo Proxes RR 275/35R18 DOT radial tires


› Front: Brembo 4-piston billet aluminum
monobloc racing calipers with 355mm rotors
with full-floating aluminum hats
› Front: G-LOC R12 racing pads (>1,850 deg F)
› Rear: G-LOC R10 racing pads (>1,475 deg F)
› Stainless steel brake lines


› DG-Spec/Motorsports Technical Center custom 8-point roll cage
› G-Force Pro Series 6-point harnesses


› Racepak IQ3 logger-dash and VNET sensors

  • TEAM

› Dan Gardner
› Craig Stanton
› Tom Oathoudt
› John McNulty
› John Kelly
› Sean Morris
› David Fredrickson
› Joe Barile


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