2017 Shelby GTE – The Entry-Level Shelby

If You’re Looking For An Affordable Shelby, The Shelby GTE Is The Ideal Choice

Updated November 13, 2018

In terms of American automotive tuners, there may not be a name more famous than Shelby. Carroll Shelby started his automotive empire in the 60’s with the wild idea of cramming an American V-8 into a British sports car. Soon after, his skills quickly evolved to make him the premier tuner for the iconic Ford Mustang. While Mr. Shelby is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the company he left behind, Shelby American. Now, that company is launching the 2017 Shelby GTE; an entry level upgrade to those who want the Shelby Recognition, but don’t have the bank account for the hardcore Super Snake or Terlingua models.

Shelby GTE Price Specs & Availablity 1

As is the case with almost everything from Shelby American, the Shelby GTE starts off as an everyday mustang (either the GT or Ecoboost). From there they add a slight bump in power with 456hp and 424 ft-lb of torque for the GT (up from 435hp/400 ft-lb) and 340hp and 390 ft-lb of torque for the Ecoboost (up from 310hp/320 ft-lb). While Ford Performance is the supplier of the performance parts, they are well packaged together. This includes the Ford Performance cat-back exhaust, handling pack, and wheels wrapped in Shelby spec performance tires.

Shelby GTE Price Specs & Availablity 2

The most noticeable differences with the Shelby GTE come on the outside. This is where Shelby American slaps on a specialized hood and vents, upper and lower grills, rocker panels, rear spoiler, a Ford Performance front splitter, and of course…Shelby GTE striping and badging. This isn’t a bad thing though. While we have seen some aftermarket companies go too far with the exterior design; the Shelby GTE has enough upgrades to stand out, but not so much you want to rip your eyes out. It’s a very well put-together look, in my opinion.


Of course, no Shelby would be complete without some minor interior touches. Fulfilling this need, the Shelby GTE gets a serialized engine plate and dash plaque, backlit “Shelby” door sill plates, headrests and floor mats. However, the customer has the option to customize further if they want to reach deeper into their bank account. Shelby offers everything from a supercharger and one-piece driveshaft to rear seat delete and carbon fiber goodies as options.

GTE Wheels

And What Is The Shelby GTE Price?

Overall, I think the Shelby GTE is a reasonable car for the money. Sure, an extra 5 grand could get you a GT350 from Ford, but that would require finding a dealer to sell you one at MSRP and believe me, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. While the GTE doesn’t have a 526 horsepower flat plane crank V-8, it does have a nice power boost, upgraded suspension, and a great look. This premium build will set the customer back $17,999 which of course doesn’t include the price of the donor car or any additional upgrades. So if you are interested in a unique car with a Shelby name, good looks, and some performance upgrades and don’t want to mess with attempting to find a reasonably priced GT350; then the Shelby GTE is a great car for you.

Pictures and information courtesy Shelby American. The Shelby GTE brochure can be found here.


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