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2017 Steeda Q750 StreetFighter Mustang Is A 825 HP Pony Car To Shame All Other

Steeda Mustang price revealed to be as much as a whole other Mustang

Modding Mustangs and making them faster is what a lot of people tend to do. In fact, some people have even made a fortune by doing so. The market clearly exists. The latest in a long line of astonishingly tuned Mustangs is a trio from Steeda Vehicles. The Florida-based company has been dealing with modified Mustangs for 28 years and their latest work includes cars called the Steeda Q350 Sport, the Q500 Enforcer, and the Q750 StreetFighter. All look much the same but the fact is that these three should provide the best possible experience for different kinds of drivers.

Comprehensive tuning job of the Q750 StreetFighter enchanted us. Steeda picked all the best parts and integrated them into the ‘Stang. They started with engine modifications, but soon, the focal point of the whole project turned to the suspension and improving the driving experience. What is more, the company made some bold claims about the driving capabilities of their cars.

“We have undertaken unprecedented measures focusing on dramatically enhancing the Mustang’s driving dynamics. Our performance engineers have developed the most comprehensive collection of suspension, chassis, and power upgrades of any manufacturer in the market today—that when taken together, provide power and control on a master scale that is unsurpassed,” said Steeda Autosports President, Dario Orlando.

Unsurpassed! That is a powerful word! These are some bold claims. So much so because their tuning works are based on a “normal” Mustang GT with Coyote V8 engine. True, the donor car for the Q350 Sport is EcoBoost.

Let us start with the Steeda Q750 StreetFighter. Steeda Vehicles did integrate a magnificent array of new hardware to make the car a street missile. The suspension features complete G-Trac suspension upgrade. This is the Ultimate suspension package and the improved stuff includes new springs, struts, sway bars, camber arms, special bushings and more. From what we can see, Steeda almost removed all the suspension parts Ford originally installed and integrated new, improved parts. In any case, a necessary step considering the installation of the Whipple 2.9L Supercharger System with all the additional equipment. As a result, the power output surged to fantastic 825hp and 655 lb-ft of torque. This is Hellcat beating ‘Stang here for sure. And not only that, it features track ready suspension setup. Converting your Mustang GT into the Q750 StreetFighter costs $29,990.Not cheap, but Steeda has some other offerings too.

Moving down the chain you can get the Q500 Enforcer. It does not have the Whipple supercharger, but it does come with “High Flow Cold Air Intake System, Custom Performance PCM Calibration, Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System, Tri-Ax Shifter and Clutch Spring Assist Upgrade. Meet the 490 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque naturally aspirated Ford V8. This one, with G-Trac Suspension (stage I), is probably the best value. In addition to these upgrades, it comes with a multitude of exterior and interior details and all for $13,995.

Finally, the last package Q350 tailored for the Mustang EcoBoost improves the power rating to 342hp and 332 lb-ft of torque thanks to High Flow Cold Air Intake System, Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System, and ECU remap. It also adds Tri-Ax Shifter, Clutch Spring Assist upgrade. It even features some other visual and suspension upgrades making it far more capable compared to a classic Mustang. The end result will set you $6,995 back. Not bad.

These packages make it easier for you to get into the world of modded Mustangs, but let’s be honest: Steeda Q750 or go home. The other packages are nice if you’re not trying to essentially buy two whole Mustangs for the price of one, but the performance and attention to detail offered with the Steeda Q750 package are simply too cool to beat.

If you’re in the used market and you manage to find a Steeda Mustang for sale, you should definitely consider snatching it up because you’re going to get a lot of car for probably much cheaper than doing the package yourself.

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