2017 Subaru Legacy Sport and Outback Touring Bring a New Level to the Iconic Models

Published May 9, 2016

Recently, Subaru has introduced two brand new versions of two very popular models. The first one they unveiled was a new trim for the 2017 Legacy.


Called the Legacy Sport, improvements are mostly seen on the outside. The grille comes in a dark grey color, and the blacked-out fog lights nestled beneath it are exclusive to this specific trim. The 18″ alloy wheels on the Sport are also new for the Legacy line.


The interior gets black and faux carbon fiber accents that match the two-tone upholstery also available on the Legacy Sport. Power comes from the standard 2.5 liter boxer 4-cylinder engine and goes through a continuously variable transmission before going out to all four heels. It makes 175 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque.


The new 2017 Subaru Outback Touring gets a similar treatment with many of the previously chrome accents getting the dark grey treatment. The grille, the roof rails, and the alloy wheels all take on the darker tone.


Brown leather and wood grain really make the interior feel warm and inviting. The touring model lives up to its name in this instance, reminding its owners that the Outback is a surprisingly elegant car considering its all-weather and all-terrain capabilities. The Outback Touring is available with up to 256 horsepower.

Are these classy new models a sign that Subaru is looking to clean up its rather wild image to attract a more mature clientele? Signs point to yes, but time will tell on that one.



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