A Closer Look At The 2017 Yamaha FZ Range!

The Yamaha FZ Range Expands For 2017

Updated August 15, 2018

Yamaha’s all new FZ-10 might be stealing the show at the moment, but let’s not forget Yamaha’s new FZ-09, FZ-07 with ABS, and very practical FZ6R models. Here, we’re going to bring the best of the FZ models together, and give a brief summary about each one. We’re going to cover the awesome, R1 derived FZ-10 in the future, so for the time being we’re going to put it to one side, and focus on the lesser known FZ machines instead.

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 1

First up, we’ve got the 2017 Yamaha FZ-09. As far as naked sports bikes go, the FZ-09 was a resounding success when it first came on the scene, and the 2017 incarnation is even better. The bodywork continues on with an evolution of Yamaha’s radical styling for the FZ-series, but the 2017 FZ-09 comes with very sophisticated updates too.  The new model comes with fully adjustable front forks, a new ABS system, and adjustable Traction Control.

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 2

Aesthetically, it takes a lot of design cues from the FZ-10. However, it does come with some nice and unique features, such as the new headlight arrangement, air intakes, sleek radiator shrouds, and the cool swingarm mounted license plate.

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 3

The 847cc, three cylinder, crossplane engine has been updated to accommodate a new electronic control system that works with the traction control for unparalleled performance. Yamaha have also added a clutch assist package (Assist & Slipper) and a comprehensive ABS braking system for even greater versatility. If you’re looking for a bike that can perform well under any circumstances, you might want to keep the FZ-09 in mind…If you want to pay a little extra, you can also have a Yamaha Quick Shift System installed as an optional upgrade, too.

The 2017 version will be available in Candy Red, Matte Silver and Intensity White. It should be in the dealerships by February, with an MSRP of $8,999.

Next, Yamaha have brought us two versions of the FZ-07: a standard model, and an ABS powered bike. As you can imagine, the only real differences between the two machines is the new ABS option which allows for greater braking confidence, and a few different color options.

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 4

Both of the bikes are powered by the very same 689cc crossplane, inline twin engine, that promises a very pokey throttle response, and decent torque in the low and midrange. The compact engine works nicely with the FZ-07s lightweight chassis for a great combination of sports orientated riding, with impressive handling to boot. The non-ABS version is definitely a good choice for those with hooligan tendencies…

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 5

The standard FZ-07 model will be available in Rapid Red, Matte Silver, and Glacier Blue, and will retail at $7,199. The ABS equipped model will cost a little more at $7,499, and the color choice is limited to Rapid Red only. Both models will hit the dealerships in February.

And then there’s the oft forgotten FZ6R. It doesn’t pack the same kind of “wow” factor as the rest of the FZ line, but don’t discount it: it’s easily the most practical and versatile platform on the roster. It’s a 600cc streetbike but without the naked twist: it’s fully faired, offers a great ride experience, and could be comfortably used a sportsbike, a touring machine, or as a comfortable commuter run around.

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 6

The trick behind the FZ6R’s versatility is the amount of adjustment that can be made. The seat is already low, but it can be adjusted by the rider to fit their purpose; the same goes for the handle bars too. Despite the adjustable parts, it’s the engine that really makes the FZ6R a winner in the practicality department. The FZ6R’s fuel injected, 600cc engine offers a smooth and silky power delivery, a responsive throttle, and a nice dose of torque in the low and mid rpms. If you’re looking for something to bang about around town on, that handles well in the rat race but can easily offer a bit more poke when you’ve made your way out of the congestion, then this is really a bike worth investigating.

Yamaha FZ Range 2017 7

The 2017 FZ6R should be in your local dealerships already, but if not, take a look towards the end of this month (October). Coming with only one color option, Matte Silver, and retailing at a respectable price of $7,799, the FZ6R is probably my favorite option in the FZ range. If you’re want an out and out sportsbike, buy a sportsbike. But if you need something versatile, then this is what I recommend.


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