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2018 Aprilia RSV4 2

Winglets For The 2018 Aprilia RSV4 With The Factory Works Kit!

The 2018 Aprilia RSV4 Comes With Some Interesting Factory Works Options

The 2018 Aprilia RSV4 is the perfect track racer for those who want all the thrills of the RSV4 R FW-GP but need something a little more wallet friendly, but if you want to make it better, you’ll want to invest in the Factory Works upgrade kits. While everyone has been focused on the likes of Kawasaki and their next supercharged model, or busy staring longingly at KTM’s new 790, Aprilia rather discreetly unveiled their latest RSV4 wearing Factory Works goodies. Boasting 215 hp at the crank thanks to some serious development from Aprilia Racing, the RSV4 now boasts GP inspired aerodynamics to make it one of the most advanced track racers that the everyday rider can buy. It may not have the 250 hp that the RSV4 R FW-GP has on offer, but 215 horses is more than enough.

The 2018 Aprilia RSV4 Factory Works Kit – With “Aerodynamic Appendages”

2018 Aprilia RSV4 3

The Factory Works program helps you turn your regular RSV4 into so much more. With the SSTK1 Kit you can enjoy the benefits of Aprilia Racing developed pistons, heads, an Akrapovic exhaust option and a whole new ECU control unit. When fully installed, your standard 2017 or 2018 Aprilia RSV4 can enjoy a nice power rise to a whopping 215 horsepower. And that’s not all.

2018 Aprilia RSV4

The new Factory Works kit will also give owners of the new 2018 Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF a very respectable weight drop. In total, Aprilia promise an overall weight reduction of 22 lbs thanks to the application of some very neat parts, including a lithium-ion battery, a new fuel tank that’s much lighter than the original but looks exactly the same, the above mentioned Akrapovic exhaust system, and a selection of components made from either aluminum billet or carbon fiber.

2018 Aprilia RSV4 2

But wait! There’s more. To really help riders squeeze the best performance out of their 2018 Aprilia RSV4, they’ve also thrown in a rather unique feature into the Factory Works kit: new racing side fairings and (and we quote) “aerodynamic appendages.” Why Aprilia aren’t just calling them winglets like everyone else is beyond us, but whatever. According to Aprilia these new appendages will produce benefits in terms of bike stability and offer a superior racing experience – and this technology has already been tried and tested in the MotoGP, where Aleix Espargaro has consistently been delivering great results on his Aprilia RS-GP machine.

While the 2018 Aprilia RSV4 might not appear to be as flashy as the new Ducati Panigale V4, or as tech laden as the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R SE, it’s definitely a more superior tool for the job. If you can get one, get one – and enjoy the benefits of the Factory Works add ons. That’s all we have to say on the matter.


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