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2018 Audi RS4 Avant

2018 Audi RS4 Avant Holds Hidden Family Values

A Curiously Fast Mid-size Wagon – The New Audi RS4 Avant

Published October 3, 2017

You should not feel lesser next to Audi RS6 Avant owners if you drive an Audi RS4 Avant. The Ingolstadt-based company revealed the 2018 Audi RS4 Avant at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s very sexy, and very fast, to say the least.

Not as fast, nor as madly overpowered as the RS6, mind you, but curiously refined and well executed nonetheless.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant

The new Audi RS4 certainly looks fine. Aggressive enough, and with enough German magic to make anyone fall in love with it.

As expected, it shares almost everything with the Audi RS5, including the new 2.9-liter V6 Biturbo.

New Audi RS4 Avant V6 Puts Out 120 lb-ft More Than the Engine it Replaces

You are looking here at 450hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. It all goes down via Quattro all-wheel drive and it can be further refined by an optional rear sport differential.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant Rear 3/4

The 2018 Audi RS4 Avant takes inspiration from the RS5 – from the fabulous Audi Virtual Cockpit to the new suspension setup which brought it closer to the ground by 0.3 inches. Not exactly a lot, but with additional RS styling, it seems to be sufficient.

Going all in with the new RS4 Avant will unlock carbon ceramic brakes, RS dynamic package, the aforementioned diff, sharper steering, 20-inch wheels and quilted leather inside. The RS dynamic package is the most interesting as it releases the Kraken. In this case, the Kraken is 174 mph of top speed. Normally, the 2018 RS4 Avant will top out at 155 mph.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant Interior

All of the driving candy that obviously can be packed in the RS4 Avant can be put to good use. The 2018 Audi RS4 Avant tips the scales at 3,946 lbs. which is 176 lbs lighter than before. All thanks to a new chassis and extensive use of aluminum.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant Specs

Unfortunately, Audi made it clear – the RS4 Avant, or the new RS4 Sedan won’t be coming to the US. This is sad news for Audi lovers and sports car lovers alike. If it did, however, it would slash many of the muscle cars and sports cars currently on sale with its 0-62 mph time of 4.1 seconds.

Yes, this family sedan is almost as quick to 62 mph as a Porsche Carrera GT. What a mad world we live in.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant Rear 2018 Audi RS4 Avant Front 2018 Audi RS4 Avant Profile

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