2018 BMW Z5 Spied Testing On Icy Roads

New BMW Z5 is ready for winter

Updated June 14, 2018

Many people are no longer buying convertibles anymore and it seems like they are indeed a dying breed. It’s not a surprise therefore that the Z4 did not sell as expected by BMW. However, despite these challenges in the market, it seems BMW remains defiant and before 2018 is done and dusted, we may as well see the ultimate successor of the BMW Z4 – the BMW Z5. The German car maker will team up with Toyota to create a new open model at a relatively lower price point. Toyota is set to have its own version of the car that is rumored to reassemble the shape of a coupe.

The Toyota model is also seen as a perfect attempt to revive the world famous Supra Moniker. The BMW Z5 will, however, beat Toyota to the release date as it will come out first. However, let’s not get our hopes up just yet. Even though tests have already started, based on the camouflage the prototype had it will be another year before it finally hits the showroom. The BMW Z5 already has provisional taillights and headlights with the body already masked with additional panels.

This simply tells you that there is still a lot of work remaining with the tests and since this are procedures that take time, if we are being optimistic the earliest we can expect the BMW Z5 is at the tail end of 2017 or the first two months of 2018. Magna Steyr is rumored to be the mind behind the machine. He is reportedly working with counterparts from Toyota in putting together the BMW Z5 ahead of its release in a factory located in the Austrian city of Graz.

Although there isn’t so much information released yet about the car, the rumor mill has been at it for the best part of a year now trying to predict what exactly the BMW Z5 will feature. For starters, the car is rumored to use BMW engines while combining the hybrid expertise Toyota brings to the table. The car might also come with an all-wheel arrangement amongst other features. The bottom line though is that it is really not easy to tell at the moment what we can expect.

All we know with full certainty is that indeed the M version of the Z5 will not see the light of day. BMW has already categorically ruled out this idea. The BMW Z5 is expected to also be considerably lighter since it will feature a light fabric top, unlike its predecessor. There will also be a slightly enlarged trunk capacity. Well, there is no doubt the BMW Z5 and the Supra are two models we are looking forward to and once we get another glimpse, maybe this time it will be clear what to expect.




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