2018 Buick Regal GS

Exciting 2018 Buick Regal GS Released Looking Really, Really Good

And affordable. 2018 Buick Regal GS With 310hp 3.6 V6

Updated July 26, 2017

It is official. This is the latest 2018 Buick Regal GS in all its red glory. Obviously, it looks stunning. Hopefully, it will drive as good. After a couple of images of the Chinese version bathing the web, the car world became more than interested in what the Regal GS will bring. Obviously, it is better than ever. At least according to the official Press Release which previews the 2018 Regal GS as the premium Sport Sedan. Throwing down the premium title is quite common these days. Everyone and everything wants to be premium. Yet, achieving that level of sophistication may be a bit harder than letting a 3.6-liter N/A V6 in a family sedan. True, perhaps the 2018 Buick Regal GS achieved it, but we will have to wait for the test drive to see it first hand.

2018 Buick Regal GS

Nevertheless, the coolness factor of the Buick Regal GS is definitely on another level compared to any version of before. And it seems that Buick went a bit further than before trying to make it compelling for the buyers of the Lexus IS350 F-Sport or the Acura TLX A-Spec. In fact, they note that the engine in the Regal GS develops more power than in any of the two. The 3.6-liter V6 develops 310hp and 316 lb-ft of torque. Nothing insane, but we must stress that this engine is exactly 51hp more authoritative than the one it replaces.

2018 Buick Regal GS Sport Sedan Comes With Performance Focused Gear

2018 Buick Regal GS

The engine in the 2018 Buick Regal GS is only one of the highlights. See, GM did invest quite a bit in refining the car adding a nine-speed transmission, intelligent all-wheel drive, and even latest gen Continuous Damping Control. Actually, the CDC may be the most important part of it all as it can adjust suspension up to 500 times per second perfectly adapting the car for any road conditions. This, along with the AWD which can precisely transfer power between the rear wheels, can make the Regal GS quite capable. In fact, this may be the edge compared with the car it competing against.

2018 Buick Regal GS

Martin Hayes, chief engineer for the Buick Regal GS said:

“Our new V-6 and nine-speed transmission, intelligent AWD and CDC all work to deliver excellent driving performance.”

The nine-speed tranny – intelligent AWD combo, will also be scaled down eventually reaching five models in the line-up. Also, in conjunction with the CDC, the driver in the Regal GS has the opportunity to manage between a few driving modes adopting the car to any condition.

2018 Buick Regal GS

So, we have here classic Regal convenience, sporty and advanced performance-focused equipment and efficient transmission. It seems that Regal really does focus on the all-round quality of the sporty premium sedan.

The looks?

Not exactly generic, but expected nevertheless. Luckily, the basic alluring shape of the Regal Sedan works wonders, so with a bit of aggressiveness at the front, 19-inch wheels, double exhaust at the back (hopefully real ones) and an adventurous paint finish, the Regal GS certainly makes a case for a fine-looking vehicle.

2018 Buick Regal GS

And an affordable one as well. See, despite getting all this equipment, the MSRP for the 2018 Buick Regal GS starts at $39,990 with destination charges. Quite competitive and inviting.

Cabin Can Be A Technological Showcase With All Displays

2018 Buick Regal GS

The cabin may not be a luxurious mayhem found in some BMW or Mercedes-Benz sporty machines, but it is a nice place for sure. Especially with the 8-inch infotainment screen and awesome reconfigurable 8-inch instrument cluster display. And yes, the head-up display is available. That would be neat. Full LED’s available as well. Driver Confidence II package too. This one brings the Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert and Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Automatic Braking.

2018 Buick Regal GS


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