2018 Ford Fiesta Is Evolution Done Right

Published January 2, 2017

It is not yet known if the 2018 Ford Fiesta will reach the States, however, the new small Ford car, unveiled in Cologne at Ford’s Go Further event could find a welcoming site here. Ford built the Fiesta with one thing in mind – to make it fun. Last gen car delivered in spades in that regard and that ST model was like a holy grail for new car enthusiasts. It really did kick some ass.


Now, Ford played it safe with the new one Ford. New Fiesta did not waver around experimenting with some modular thingy stuff. Ford used B platform of the old (but still fun) car and refined it as humanly possible. The result is a new generation car that should be posher, upscale, more fun and more luxurious than ever before. Revealed in Cologne were four different versions of the car. Ford Fiesta Vignale (white one) for luxury, Ford Fiesta Titanium ( the brown one) for style, Ford Fiesta ST-line ( the red one) for sport and Ford Fiesta Active (almost orange) for off-road.


Yes, it looks much the same as before, at least the front end. Fiesta made a great sales run, so changing it a lot would not make much sense. But, one major exterior novelty is in play. The rear end received horizontal lights instead of vertical ones. This, with half of an inch more width should make the 2018 Fiesta look a bit wider and a bit wilder. The front lost its sharpness. Bubbly bumpers, wide gaping air grille, and not-angry-at-all lights made the Fiesta look a bit friendlier. Like a puppy or something. Some will like it a lot.


The car itself grew in size quite a bit. It measures 159.1 inches in length, 68.3 inches in width and has 98.2-inch long wheelbase. Ok, we know what you think – puny small car. But bear with us a bit. With new small engines, smartly packed cabin, and new gen interior features, the 2018 Ford Fiesta should be considerably roomier compared with the latest car. And with the bigger footprint, Ford promises better handling and even more fun. After all, torsional rigidity is up by 15 percent while cornering grip was improved by 10 percent. The latter thanks to Electronic Torque Vectoring Control that brakes the inside wheel when cornering. Neat.


Although small Fiesta did receive a multitude of advanced features. Ford obviously wants to upscale it with cylinder deactivation system (even on the three-cylinder engine), Sync three infotainment system (4.5-inch, 6.5-inch and 8-inch display available), new six-speed manual transmission and even a high-end 675-watt B&O Play 10-speaker stereo system. Now, apart from these, Fiesta received a wealth of safety features, apparently, no another car in the segment has. Read this – blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot warning, cross-traffic warning when reversing, active parking capability, and adaptive cruise control. And then, there is a smart detection system with two cameras, three radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. With these, Fiesta can see 427 feet ahead detecting cars and even pedestrians. If old Fiesta had this in 2009 we would burn it like it was a witch or something. Astonishing really.


As expected, four versions revealed in Cologne were all rigged up for Europe and Great Britain in particular. After all, Fiesta has been the best-selling car in Britain for years. So, no Fiesta ST yet, but even the smallest one-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost comes in three states of tune – 99hp, 123hp, and 138hp. As for the diesel, Europeans can choose a 1.5-liter with 84hp, or 118hp. As expected all these are as fuel efficient as lighters.


Apart from cramping all sort of modern tech inside the Fiesta, Ford designers and engineers really did reimagine the cabin. Thanks to new infotainment, they successfully got rid of 20 buttons previously cramping up the central console. Plus, Vignale has stitched dash, magnificent seats, and massive panoramic roof. It feels grown up and, dare we say it, premium. However, the most interesting addition to the range is the Active model.


Pseudo off-roader has a bit higher clearance, claddings underneath and nice plastic protection on the bumpers and the fenders. Honestly, all of this is just a gimmick as no one can actually expect a three-cylinder Fiesta with city tuned chassis to tackle any kind of serious terrain. Yet, some will buy it. It looks… different.


All in all, for us here, the new Fiesta ST with, hopefully, a 200+hp engine could be the best imaginable Ford present. Ford did not disclose info about it, but some sources did point out we can expect the car to come towards the end of next year. For now, we will just wait to see if the 2018 Ford Fiesta surfaces at the Detroit Motor Show.


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