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2018 Ford Mustang GT to Feature Quiet Exhaust Mode

Turn Down That Noisy V8 for the Neighbors’ Sake

Ford has already told us some pretty cool things about their 2018 Mustang GT:

We know that it’s going to have a traditional 5.0 L V8 capable of at least 435 HP, a 10-speed automatic transmission, Drag Strip Mode to allow for 0-60 mph launches under 4 seconds, and to really pump up the performance value of this beefy American muscle, Ford is adding a…quieter exhaust note?

You’re not mistaken; as shown in the video below, Ford is adding a new exhaust setting for the 2018 Mustang GT simply labeled “Quiet”. While we’re not sure exactly how much sound this muffles, it does seem to make a significant difference in this clip from Ford:

Coming from a family with a ’12 Mustang GT and a ’16 Camaro SS, I know the value of having a quieter exhaust. It’s not terribly becoming of you to be hauling ass down the street at six in the morning in your not-so-subtle muscle car.

Some fans may be hating on the new feature, but it really does have a lot of real-world applications. You won’t wake the baby up when you run to get food during nap time, you won’t set the neighbor’s dogs off when you sneak in late at night, and you can even quietly escape a car meet that your friend promised you was going to be super cool, but when you turned up it was just a bunch of old Hondas…

With Quiet mode, you could even de-badge your car and run some of that sleeper game on RS Camaros…the only limit is your imagination.

Think it’s useful? Hope your neighbor uses it? How do you feel about the new front bumper design? Let us know in the comments!

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